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White Shading Adjustment - Hitachi SK-HD2200 Operating Instructions Manual

Hd color camera
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White shading adjustment

White shading adjustment
White shading adjustment is recommended after replacing the lens.
The adjustment relates to the camera vertical coloration. If the lens includes an extender, the shading can
be optimized for both extender on and off modes.
(Vertical coloration refers to an effect whereby the image of an overall white sheet of paper tends toward
green at the top and magenta at the bottom, or vice versa.)
1. Install the lens on the camera.
2. Set the electronic shutter to off and the gain to L (0 dB).
3. Set the lens extender to off.
4. Use sunlight or halogen as the light source, when flicker is noticed on the monitor due to fluorescent
or mercury lighting.
Using auto iris mode for the lens iris, the iris stop should be between F4 and F11. If necessary, adjust
the light source level and keep iris stop position (be sure the electronic shutter is off).
5. Open the WHITE SHADING sub menu from MAINTENANCE menu or LENS FILE menu.
6. Shift cursor to WHT SHADING : PUSH > 1 SEC.
7. Press the RIGHT button for about 1 second to adjust white shading. The viewfinder top and bottom
cursors flash to indicate automatic white shading adjustment in progress. The cursors extinguish at
the end of adjustment.
8. Set the extender (if provided) to on and repeat the above step.
9. Close the Function menu.
White shading adjustment is completed by the above. The adjustment is stored in a nonvolatile memory
and ordinarily does not need to be repeated even if the power is switched off.
1. Precise adjustment may not be obtainable with some special lenses.
2. Even after adjustment, some coloration may occur near the open iris setting. This is due to
lens and optical system characteristics and is not a malfunction.


Table of Contents

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