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Outline And Features - Hitachi SK-HD2200 Operating Instructions Manual

Hd color camera
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Outline and features

The SK-HD2200 is a high-performance HDTV
Studio camera.
With its new 2.3 million pixels native 1080p
3-CCD sensor, the SK-HD2200 provides
outstanding performance. The camera offers
sharper and cleaner HD images due to its 16-bit
A/D converters and Hitachi's implementation of
the latest digital processing technology. The
camera achieves outstanding high sensitivity and
a low vertical smear specifications.
Outstanding Features
High resolution
The latest generation 2/3-inch 2.3 million pixels
CCD with micro lenses and digital multi speed
signal processing circuits provide a horizontal
resolution performance of 1100 TV lines
(luminance channel).
Latest generation Digital technology
The brand new, power efficient Digital Signal
Processor LSI with 40nm design and 16-bit
analog-to-digital conversion provide very
faithful video image reproduction and quality.
Digital video processing and encoding provide
low interference and high stability.
High sensitivity and Signal to Noise ratio
Low-noise circuit technology provides a signal
to noise ratio of 60dB.
Even at high gain, clear images are obtained
with little noise.
The standard sensitivity is F8 at 2000lx.
Setup card
A small plug-in setup card (SD card) stores the
user setup and Scene File information.
Versatile CCD drive functions
Three modes of shutter operation are provided:
• Five PRESET electronic shutter speeds
• LOCK SCAN to image computer monitors
without flicker
• Automatic Electronic Shutter (AES) maintains
the video level with the lens iris and shutter
Digital processing improves Image Highlight
• Knee saturation and auto-knee
The auto knee provides a wide dynamic range
by dynamically compressing the video level
above 100 % . Knee saturation restores color
saturation to scene highlights above 100%.
• Automatic Skin Tone Detail Circuits
Skin tone detail smoothes and softens facial
lines and blemishes without sacrificing overall
detail, also
settings that can be used separately or
Automatic Skin tone detail provides an easy
and fast means to optimize Skin tone detail.
• Variable Detail Boost Frequency
The detail frequency can be adjusted to provide
coarse or fine contours around edges of subjects
in the scene thereby reproducing a natural and
pleasing picture.
• 12-Vector and Linear Matrix masking
The 12-vector and linear matrix provide the
user a wide latitude in subject image color
• Skin Tone masking
Skin tone masking provides "fine" "Painting"
(hue and saturation) of Skin tones without
effecting other colors in the scene.
• Gray Scale Automatic Setup
This "through the lens" automatic setup uses
a standard gray scale chart to automatically
setup gain, gamma, black and flare thus saving
the video operator time and effort.
• Automatic Shading
Automatic shading corrects horizontal and
vertical white shading at the push of a button.
This function provides separate memory of lens'
modulation shading characteristics to optimize
the X1 and X2 lens extender positions.
provides two


Table of Contents

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