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Hitachi SK-HD2200 Operating Instructions Manual page 65

Hd color camera
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Function menu
Versatility and creativity function for HDTV picture quality
Camera Alignment Goal should be:
- Accurate reproduction of scene
- Matching a previous set up
- Developing your own unique "look" or a number of different look, depending on the situation
May be required a different look to a newscast or dram series.
Starting point is technically accurate reproduction of the HDTV camera chain. There are some special
functions are available to achieve these picture reproductions.
Operational method for function has been described previously however missing explanation and
description from this point of view. Complement these as follows.
Color clarity improvement function
(1) MASKING 1 (12 vector Correction)
The 12 vectors correction allows color adjustments to be applied to hue and saturation individually for each
color. Operator can adjust and change certain colors as special effect work at camera.
(2) MASKING 2 (Linear matrix masking Correction) & CHROMA Saturation
Linear matrix correction and Chroma saturation level controls are available to meet with SMPTE 274M or ITU-R BT.709
color standard.
(3) KNEE Saturation
Traditionally, when shooting bright scene, some porting of the picture may have "washed out" effect. Knee Saturation
function can be improved this effect.
(4) MASKING 3 (Skin masking)
When the SK-HD2200 chain is used for the newscast program, newscaster flesh tone color can be changed to
natural complexion by this function.
Luminance clarity improvement function
The selectable gamma table provided with SK-HD2200 allows users to create a specific picture by changing
luminance signal curb.
Total knee and total slope control function provide quickly adjustment act during shooting of bright scene
compression and grayscale step improvement.
Black stretch function allows users to bring up contrast and improve detail in the dark shadow area without
affecting mid-tone while maintaining real black.
Picture sharpness improvement function
(1) DETAIL control
Improve the picture sharpness with adjusting different parameter in Detail function. Refer to page 30.
When the SK-HD2200 chain is used for the newscast program, newscasters flesh tone detail can be adjusted
down to smoothing and without wrinkle. There are two individual adjustments Skin DTL 1 & Skin DTL 2 for
two newscasters.
Add detail in the high chrominance signal area


Table of Contents

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