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Interior Care - GMC Terrain Denail Manual

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fluid will decrease the life of the
transfer case and/or axles and
should be replaced.
Sheet Metal Damage
If the vehicle is damaged and
requires sheet metal repair or
replacement, make sure the body
repair shop applies anti-corrosion
material to parts repaired or
replaced to restore corrosion
Original manufacturer replacement
parts will provide the corrosion
protection while maintaining the
vehicle warranty.
Finish Damage
Quickly repair minor chips and
scratches with touch-up materials
available from your dealer to avoid
corrosion. Larger areas of finish
damage can be corrected in your
dealer's body and paint shop.
Chemical Paint Spotting
Airborne pollutants can fall upon
and attack painted vehicle surfaces
causing blotchy, ring-shaped
discolorations, and small, irregular
dark spots etched into the paint
surface. See Finish Care
previously in this section.

Interior Care

To prevent dirt particle abrasions,
regularly clean the vehicle's interior.
Immediately remove any soils.
Newspapers or dark garments can
transfer color to the vehicle s
Use a soft bristle brush to remove
dust from knobs and crevices on the
instrument cluster. Using a mild
soap solution, immediately remove
hand lotions, sunscreen, and insect
repellent from all interior surfaces or
permanent damage may result.
Use cleaners specifically designed
for the surfaces being cleaned to
prevent permanent damage. Apply
all cleaners directly to the cleaning
cloth. Do not spray cleaners on any
switches or controls. Remove
cleaners quickly.
Vehicle Care
Before using cleaners, read and
follow all safety instructions on the
label. While cleaning the interior,
open the doors and windows to get
proper ventilation.
To prevent damage, do not clean
the interior using the following
cleaners or techniques:
Never use a razor or any other
sharp object to remove soil from
any interior surface.
Never use a brush with stiff
Never rub any surface
aggressively or with too much
Do not use laundry detergents or
dishwashing soaps with
degreasers. For liquid cleaners,
use approximately 20 drops per
3.8 L (1 gal) of water.
A concentrated soap solution will
create streaks and attract dirt.
Do not use solutions that contain
strong or caustic soap.
Do not heavily saturate the
upholstery when cleaning.


Table of Contents

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