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Tire Chains; If A Tire Goes Flat - GMC Terrain Denail Manual

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Table of Contents
Vehicle Care

Tire Chains

Do not use tire chains. There is
not enough clearance. Tire chains
used on a vehicle without the
proper amount of clearance can
cause damage to the brakes,
suspension or other vehicle parts.
The area damaged by the tire
chains could cause you to lose
control of the vehicle and you or
others may be injured in a crash.
A Type S low-profile cable can be
used only if the cable
manufacturer recommends it for
use on the vehicle, the tire size
combination, and road conditions.
Follow the manufacturer's
instructions. To help avoid
damage to the vehicle, drive
slowly, readjust or remove the
cable if it is contacting the vehicle
and do not spin the vehicle's tires.
Install the cables on the front tires
Warning (Continued)
only. Cables should not be
installed on the spare tire or on
the optional 19-inch tire.

If a Tire Goes Flat

It is unusual for a tire to blow out
while driving, especially if the tires
are maintained properly. See Tires
0 229. If air goes out of a tire, it is
much more likely to leak out slowly.
But if there ever is a blowout, here
are a few tips about what to expect
and what to do:
If a front tire fails, the flat tire
creates a drag that pulls the vehicle
toward that side. Take your foot off
the accelerator pedal and grip the
steering wheel firmly. Steer to
maintain lane position, and then
gently brake to a stop, well off the
road, if possible.
A rear blowout, particularly on a
curve, acts much like a skid and
may require the same correction as
used in a skid. Stop pressing the
accelerator pedal and steer to
straighten the vehicle. It may be
very bumpy and noisy. Gently brake
to a stop, well off the road,
if possible.
Driving on a flat tire will cause
permanent damage to the tire.
Re-inflating a tire after it has been
driven on while severely
underinflated or flat may cause a
blowout and a serious crash.
Never attempt to re-inflate a tire
that has been driven on while
severely underinflated or flat.
Have your dealer or an authorized
tire service center repair or
replace the flat tire as soon as
Lifting a vehicle and getting under
it to do maintenance or repairs is
dangerous without the


Table of Contents

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