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Vehicle Messages - GMC Terrain Denail Manual

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Table of Contents
change the displays on the cluster
and DIC to either metric or English
(US) measurements.
Tire Pressure
The display will show a vehicle with
the approximate pressures of all
four tires. Tire pressure is displayed
in either kilopascal (kPa) or in
pounds per square inch (psi).
See Tire Pressure Monitor System
0 237 and Tire Pressure Monitor
Operation 0 238.
Remaining Oil Life
This display shows an estimate of
the oil's remaining useful life.
displayed, that means 99% of the
current oil life remains.
When the remaining oil life is low,
message will appear on the display.
See Engine Oil Messages 0 115.
The oil should be changed as soon
as possible. See Engine Oil 0 202.
In addition to the engine oil life
system monitoring the oil life,
additional maintenance is
recommended in the Maintenance
Schedule in this manual. See
Maintenance Schedule 0 273.
Remember, the Oil Life display must
be reset after each oil change. It will
not reset itself. Also, be careful not
to reset the Oil Life display
accidentally at any time other than
when the oil has just been changed.
It cannot be reset accurately until
the next oil change. To reset the
engine oil life system, press SET/
CLR while the Oil Life display is
active. The display will ask for
confirmation of a reset. Press
to select Yes or No. Then press
SET/CLR to confirm the selection.
See Engine Oil Life System 0 205.
Blank Display
This display shows no information.
The vehicle may have a compass in
the Driver Information Center (DIC).
See Compass 0 95.
Instruments and Controls

Vehicle Messages

Messages are displayed on the DIC
to notify the driver that the status of
the vehicle has changed and that
some action may be needed by the
driver to correct the condition.
Multiple messages may appear one
after another.
Some messages may not require
immediate action, but you can press
SET/CLR to acknowledge that you
received the messages and to clear
them from the display. Some
messages cannot be cleared from
the DIC display because they are
more urgent. These messages
require action before they can be
cleared. You should take any
messages that appear on the
display seriously and remember that
clearing the messages will only
make the messages disappear, not
correct the problem. You will find the
possible messages that can be
displayed and some information
about them grouped by subject in
the following information.


Table of Contents

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