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Light; Brake System Warning Light - GMC Terrain Denail Manual

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Table of Contents
The vehicle may not pass
inspection if:
The light is on when the engine
is running.
The light does not come on
when the ignition is in ON/RUN
while the engine is off.
Critical emission control systems
have not been completely
diagnosed. If this happens, the
vehicle would not be ready for
inspection and might require
several days of routine driving
before the system is ready for
inspection. This can happen if
the 12-volt battery has recently
been replaced or run down, or if
the vehicle has been recently
See your dealer if the vehicle will
not pass or cannot be made ready
for the test.
Brake System Warning


The vehicle brake system consists
of two hydraulic circuits. If one
circuit is not working, the remaining
circuit can still work to stop the
vehicle. For normal braking
performance, both circuits need to
be working
The brake indicator light should
come on briefly as the engine is
started. If it does not come on have
the vehicle serviced by your dealer.
When the ignition is on, the brake
system warning light comes on
when the parking brake is set. The
light stays on if the parking brake
does not fully release. If it stays on
after the parking brake is fully
released, there is a brake problem.
Have the brake system inspected
Instruments and Controls
The brake system might not be
working properly if the brake
system warning light is on.
Driving with the brake system
warning light on can lead to a
crash. If the light is still on after
the vehicle has been pulled off
the road and carefully stopped,
have the vehicle towed for
If the light comes on while driving, a
chime sounds. Pull off the road and
stop. The pedal might be harder to
push or go closer to the floor.
It might also take longer to stop.
If the light is still on, have the
vehicle towed for service. See
Towing the Vehicle 0 259.


Table of Contents

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  • Malia Nunez Nov 16, 2017 02:47:
    2010 GMC Terrain L4 Engine. This morning the service power steering display lit up. What type of power steering fluid would you recommend if required?

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