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Forward Collision Alert (fca); System - GMC Terrain Denail Manual

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Table of Contents
Driving and Operating
system does not activate due to a
temporary condition, the message
displays on the DIC. This can occur
under the following conditions:
The driver has disabled the


A trailer was attached to the
vehicle, or an object was
hanging out of the liftgate during
the last drive cycle. Once the
object is removed, RPA will
return to normal operation.
A tow bar is attached to the
The bumper is damaged. Take
the vehicle to your dealer to
repair the system.
Other conditions, such as
vibrations from a jackhammer or
the compression of air brakes on
a very large truck, are affecting
system performance.
Forward Collision Alert
(FCA) System
If equipped, the FCA system may
help to avoid or reduce the harm
caused by front-end crashes. When
approaching a vehicle ahead too
quickly, FCA provides a red flashing
alert and rapidly beeps. FCA also
lights a red visual alert if following
another vehicle much too closely.
FCA detects vehicles within a
distance of approximately 60 m
(197 ft) and operates at speeds
above 40 km/h (25 mph).
FCA is a warning system and
does not apply the brakes. When
approaching a slower-moving or
stopped vehicle ahead too rapidly,
or when following a vehicle too
closely, FCA may not provide a
warning with enough time to help
avoid a crash. FCA does not warn
of pedestrians, animals, signs,
guardrails, bridges, construction
Warning (Continued)
barrels, or other objects. Be ready
to take action and apply the
brakes. For more information, see
Defensive Driving 0 143.
FCA can be disabled with the FCA
steering wheel control.
Detecting the Vehicle Ahead
FCA warnings will not occur unless
the FCA system detects a vehicle
ahead. When a vehicle is detected,
the vehicle ahead indicator will
display green. Vehicles may not be
detected on curves, highway exit
ramps, or hills, due to poor visibility;
or if a vehicle ahead is partially
blocked by pedestrians or other


Table of Contents

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