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Loss Of Control; Off-road Driving - GMC Terrain Denail Manual

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Table of Contents
Driving and Operating
3. Turn the steering wheel to go
straight down the roadway.

Loss of Control

There are three types of skids that
correspond to the vehicle's three
control systems:
Braking Skid
wheels are not
Steering or Cornering Skid
too much speed or steering in a
curve causes tires to slip and
lose cornering force.
Acceleration Skid
too much
throttle causes the driving
wheels to spin.
Defensive drivers avoid most skids
by taking reasonable care suited to
existing conditions, and by not
overdriving those conditions. But
skids are always possible.
If the vehicle starts to slide, follow
these suggestions:
Ease your foot off the
accelerator pedal and steer the
way you want the vehicle to go.
The vehicle may straighten out.
Be ready for a second skid if it
Slow down and adjust your
driving according to weather
conditions. Stopping distance
can be longer and vehicle
control can be affected when
traction is reduced by water,
snow, ice, gravel, or other
material on the road. Learn to
recognize warning clues
as enough water, ice, or packed
snow on the road to make a
mirrored surface
and slow
down when you have any doubt.
Try to avoid sudden steering,
acceleration, or braking,
including reducing vehicle speed
by shifting to a lower gear. Any
sudden changes could cause
the tires to slide.
Remember: Antilock brakes help
avoid only the braking skid.

Off-Road Driving

All-wheel-drive vehicles can be
used for off-road driving. Vehicles
without all-wheel drive and vehicles
not equipped with All Terrain (AT) or
On-Off Road (OOR) tires must not
be driven off-road except on a level,
solid surface. To contact the tire
manufacturer for more information
about the original equipment tires,
see the Limited Warranty and
Owner Assistance Information
Controlling the vehicle is the key to
successful off-road driving. One of
the best ways to control the vehicle
is to control the speed.
When driving off-road, bouncing
and quick changes in direction
can easily throw you out of
position. This could cause you to
lose control and crash. You and
your passengers should always
wear safety belts.
Before Driving Off-Road
Have all necessary maintenance
and service work completed.


Table of Contents

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    2010 GMC Terrain L4 Engine. This morning the service power steering display lit up. What type of power steering fluid would you recommend if required?

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