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Drive Systems; All-wheel Drive; Antilock Brake; System (abs) - GMC Terrain Denail Manual

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Table of Contents
Driving and Operating

Drive Systems

All-Wheel Drive

Vehicles with this feature transfer
engine power, as required, to all
four wheels. It is fully automatic, and
adjusts itself as needed for road
When using a compact spare tire on
an AWD vehicle, the system
automatically detects the compact
spare and reduces AWD
performance to protect the system.
To restore full AWD operation and
prevent excessive wear on the
system, replace the compact spare
with a full-size tire as soon as
possible. See Compact Spare Tire
0 255.

Antilock Brake

System (ABS)

This vehicle has ABS, an advanced
electronic braking system that helps
prevent a braking skid.
When the vehicle begins to drive
away, ABS checks itself.
A momentary motor or clicking noise
might be heard while this test is
going on, and it might even be
noticed that the brake pedal moves
a little. This is normal.
If there is a problem with ABS, this
warning light stays on. See Antilock
Brake System (ABS) Warning Light
0 106.
If driving safely on a wet road and it
becomes necessary to slam on the
brakes and continue braking to
avoid a sudden obstacle, a
computer senses the wheels are
slowing down. If one of the wheels
is about to stop rolling, the computer
will separately work the brakes at
each wheel.
ABS can change the brake pressure
to each wheel, as required, faster
than any driver could. This can help
you steer around the obstacle while
braking hard.
As the brakes are applied, the
computer keeps receiving updates
on wheel speed and controls
braking pressure accordingly.
Remember: ABS does not change
the time needed to get a foot up to
the brake pedal or always decrease
stopping distance. If you get too
close to the vehicle in front of you,
there will not be enough time to
apply the brakes if that vehicle
suddenly slows or stops. Always
leave enough room up ahead to
stop, even with ABS.


Table of Contents

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    2010 GMC Terrain L4 Engine. This morning the service power steering display lit up. What type of power steering fluid would you recommend if required?

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