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Rear Vision Camera (rvc); Driver Assistance Systems - GMC Terrain Denail Manual

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Table of Contents
Driving and Operating
The speedometer reading can be
displayed in either English or metric
units. See Instrument Cluster 0 98.
The increment value used depends
on the units displayed.
Passing Another Vehicle While
Using Cruise Control
Use the accelerator pedal to
increase the vehicle speed. When
you take your foot off the pedal, the
vehicle slows down to the previously
set cruise control speed. While
pressing the accelerator pedal or
shortly following the release to
override cruise control, briefly
moving the thumbwheel toward
SET/ will result in cruise set to the
current vehicle speed.
Using Cruise Control on Hills
How well the cruise control works
on hills depends upon the vehicle
speed, load, and the steepness of
the hills. When going up steep hills,
you might have to step on the
accelerator pedal to maintain the
vehicle speed. When going
downhill, you might have to brake or
shift to a lower gear to maintain the
vehicle speed. When the brakes are
applied, the cruise control is
Ending Cruise Control
There are four ways to end cruise
Step lightly on the brake pedal.
Shift the transmission to
N (Neutral).
To turn off cruise control,
Erasing Speed Memory
The cruise control set speed is
erased from memory if
pressed or if the vehicle is
turned off.
Driver Assistance
Rear Vision
Camera (RVC)
If equipped, the RVC can assist the
driver when backing up by
displaying a view of the area behind
the vehicle.
The camera(s) do not display
children, pedestrians, bicyclists,
crossing traffic, animals, or any
other object outside of the
cameras field of view, below the
bumper, or under the vehicle.
Shown distances may be different
from actual distances. Do not
drive or park the vehicle using
only these camera(s). Always
check behind and around the
vehicle before driving. Failure to
use proper care may result in
injury, death, or vehicle damage.


Table of Contents

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