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Fuel Economy Light; Low Fuel Warning Light; Security Light - GMC Terrain Denail Manual

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If the light comes on and stays on, it
means that oil is not flowing through
the engine properly. The vehicle
could be low on oil and might have
some other system problem. See
your dealer.

Fuel Economy Light

For vehicles with the Fuel Economy
Mode light, it comes on when the
eco (economy) button near the shift
lever is pressed. For vehicles with a
Driver Information Center (DIC) an
ECO MODE ON message displays.
See Fuel System Messages 0 116.
Press the button again to turn off
the light and exit the fuel
saver mode.

Low Fuel Warning Light

English Shown, Metric Similar
This light comes on for a few
seconds when the ignition is turned
on as a check to indicate it is
working. If it does not come on,
have it fixed.
The low fuel warning light is a circle
located on the fuel gauge. This light
comes on and a chime sounds
periodically when the vehicle is low
on fuel. The light goes off when fuel
is added to the fuel tank.
Instruments and Controls
For vehicles with a Driver
Information Center (DIC), see Fuel
System Messages 0 116 for more

Security Light

The security light should come on
briefly as the engine is started. If it
does not come on, have the vehicle
serviced by your dealer. If the
system is working normally, the
indicator light turns off.
If the light stays on and the engine
does not start, there could be a
problem with the theft-deterrent
system. See Immobilizer Operation
0 37.


Table of Contents

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  • Malia Nunez Nov 16, 2017 02:47:
    2010 GMC Terrain L4 Engine. This morning the service power steering display lit up. What type of power steering fluid would you recommend if required?

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