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Hill Start Assist (hsa); Ride Control Systems; Traction Control/electronic; Stability Control - GMC Terrain Denail Manual

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Table of Contents
Driving and Operating
brake pedal is released or brake
pedal pressure is quickly

Hill Start Assist (HSA)

This vehicle has an HSA feature,
which may be useful when the
vehicle is stopped on a grade
sufficient enough to activate HSA.
This feature is designed to prevent
the vehicle from rolling, either
forward or rearward, during vehicle
drive off. After the driver completely
stops and holds the vehicle in a
complete standstill on a grade, HSA
will be automatically activated.
During the transition period between
when the driver releases the brake
pedal and starts to accelerate to
drive off on a grade, HSA holds the
braking pressure for a maximum of
two seconds to ensure that there is
no rolling. The brakes will
automatically release when the
accelerator pedal is applied within
the two-second window. It will not
activate if the vehicle is in a drive
gear and facing downhill, or if the
vehicle is facing uphill and in
R (Reverse).

Ride Control Systems

Traction Control/
Electronic Stability
System Operation
The vehicle has a Traction Control
System (TCS) and StabiliTrak
electronic stability control system.
These systems help limit wheel slip
and assist the driver in maintaining
control, especially on slippery road
TCS activates if it senses that any
of the drive wheels are spinning or
beginning to lose traction. When this
happens, TCS applies the brakes to
the spinning wheels and reduces
engine power to limit wheel spin.
StabiliTrak activates when the
vehicle senses a difference between
the intended path and the direction
the vehicle is actually traveling.
StabiliTrak selectively applies
braking pressure to any one of the
vehicle wheel brakes to assist the
driver in keeping the vehicle on the
intended path.
If cruise control is being used and
traction control or StabiliTrak begins
to limit wheel spin, cruise control will
disengage. Cruise control may be
turned back on when road
conditions allow.
, an
Both systems come on
automatically when the vehicle is
started and begins to move. The
systems may be heard or felt while
they are operating or while
performing diagnostic checks. This
is normal and does not mean there
is a problem with the vehicle.
It is recommended to leave both
systems on for normal driving
conditions, but it may be necessary
to turn TCS off if the vehicle gets
stuck in sand, mud, ice, or snow.
See If the Vehicle Is Stuck 0 153
and Turning the Systems Off and
On later in this section.


Table of Contents

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