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Part 7 : Product Warranty - IBM 84H5162 Installation Manual

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Part 7 : Product Warranty

The following warranty information applies to products purchased in the
United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico. For warranty terms and conditions for
products purchased in other countries, see the enclosed Warranty insert, or
contact your IBM reseller or IBM marketing representative.
International Business Machines Corporation Armonk, New York, 10504
Statement of Limited Warranty
The warranties provided by IBM in this Statement of Limited Warranty apply
only to Machines you originally purchase for your use, and not for resale, from
IBM or your reseller. The term "Machine" means an IBM machine, its features,
conversions, upgrades, elements, or accessories, or any combination of them.
Unless IBM specifies otherwise, the following warranties apply only in the
country where you acquire the Machine. If you have any questions, contact IBM
or your reseller.
Machine: IBM PCMCIA 33.6 Data/FAX/Voice Modem
Warranty Period*: Five (5) years
*Contact your place of purchase for warranty service information..
Production Status
Each Machine is manufactured from new parts, or new and used parts. In some
cases, the Machine may not be new and may have been previously installed.
Regardless of the Machine's production status, IBM's warranty terms apply.
The IBM Warranty for Machines
IBM warrants that each Machine 1) is free from defects in materials and
workmanship and 2) conforms to IBM's Official Published Specifications.
The warranty period for a Machine is a specified, fixed period commencing on its
Date of Installation. The date on your receipt is the Date of Installation, unless
IBM or your reseller informs you otherwise.
During the warranty period IBM or your reseller, if authorized by IBM, will
provide warranty service under the type of service designated for the Machine
and will manage and install engineering changes that apply to the Machine.
PCMCIA 33.6 Data/FAX/VoiceModem



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