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Additional Features - IBM 84H5162 Installation Manual

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Additional features

The IBM PCMCIA 33.6 Data/FAX/Voice modem, when used with
communications software programs which support these features, can be used to
do the following:
Invoke AutoSync**.
Automatically dial calling card numbers
Voice messaging
The modem automatically adjusts from asynchronous to synchronous data
transmission, called AutoSync.
With AutoSync turned on, the modem automatically converts to synchronous
communication when it is connected to a synchronous modem. This eliminates
the need for an asynchronous-to-synchronous conversion device when connecting
to a mainframe or other system requiring synchronous communications.
Your communications software must support AutoSync in order for you to use it.
Your software will affect how the modem functions with AutoSync.
To activate AutoSync, do the following:
Set S-Registers S19, S20, and S25 to the values you want to use
Issue AT&Q4S95=0
After the CONNECT message appears, the modem waits a period of time
determined by S25 before examining the condition of the DTR signal: if DTR is
on, the modem begins synchronous operation; if DTR is off, the modem hangs
up and returns to asynchronous operation.
AutoSync will stop under the following conditions:
Any AT&Dn command
Loss of carrier
Ejecting the modem
Cable disconnection
Caller ID
Your modem, when used with communications software that supports this
feature, allows you to keep track of callers' names and telephone numbers. You
must subscribe to Caller ID from your phone company.
PCMCIA 33.6 Data/FAX/Voice Modem



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