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Part 5 : Testing Your Modem - IBM 84H5162 Installation Manual

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Part 5 :
Testing Your Modem
Refer to the Application Software's Installation Manual to load the communications
software you will be using.
1. Turn on your computer.
2. Start your communication software and be sure it is in the command mode.
This is also known as terminal mode.
3. Setup your communication software to 19200 and the communication port
your modem is using.
4. If the port opened properly, go to the next step. Otherwise, check if you have
any other communication software trying to use the same port. If so, close
that software. If not, switch to a different COM port.
5. Type AT&F and press enter, you should see an OK response. If nothing
happened at this point, this indicates that the modem is not getting the
proper IRQ.
6. Type AT\N1 and press enter
7. Type ATE1 and press enter
8. Type ATS18=n and press enter
NOTE: n is the number of seconds (30-255) you want the test to last.
9. Type AT&T1 press enter. You should see CONNECT nnnnn (n is the
connect speed you selected) displayed on your screen. After the CONNECT
message, the modem is in the data mode. You can type any character on your
keyboard and see them displayed on your screen.
10. When the time you specified in register S18 expires, you see OK displayed
on your screen.
11. Type AT&F and press enter, you should see an OK response on your
PCMCIA 33.6 Data/FAX/VoiceModem



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