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Additional Information For Installing With Windows Nt 4.0; Vertifying Os/2 Com Port Setting - IBM 84H5162 Installation Manual

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Additional Information for Installing with Windows NT 4.0

After power on, open Control Panel
Double click Modems icon
Install New Modem panel should appear on your screen
Check don't detect modem
Click NEXT
Insert supplied Windows95 Installation diskette in diskette drive
Click on OK
Under Models, you should see IBM 33.6 Data-Fax-Voice Modem
Remove diskette, click on NEXT
Windows NT 4.0 will request you select a com port, select any one then click
on NEXT.
If NT says it is unable to add modem to com port, click OK and re-run
modems from control panel but do NOT select don't detect modem.
Windows NT 4.0 will then correctly assign the modem to a com port.

Vertifying OS/2 COM port setting

Open System Setup in System folder.
Double click on the Plug-and-play icon.
You should see modem configured in the slot number the modem is in.
To find out which COM port the modem is assigned to, select the slot and
double click on it.
This will display the COM port and IRQ ( interrupt ) that is assigned to the
PCMCIA 33.6 Data/FAX/Voice Modem



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