GE NetworX NX-6V2 Installation And Startup

GE NetworX NX-6V2 Installation And Startup

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NX-6V2 Control Panel

Installation and Startup

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  • Page 1: Installation And Startup

    ™ NetworX Series NX-6V2 Control Panel Installation and Startup Downloaded from:
  • Page 2 GE Security, Gladewater, Texas, USA. This document contains proprietary information of GE Security, USA and is furnished to its customer solely to assist that customer in the installation, testing, operations, and/or maintenance of the equipment described. This document shall not be reproduced in whole or in part nor shall its contents be disclosed to any third party without the written approval of GE Security.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents GENERAL DESCRIPTION................................. 4 ORDERING INFORMATION ................................4 III. BOARD INSTALLATION ................................... 4 NX-6V2 WIRING DIAGRAM ................................5 TERMINAL DESCRIPTIONS ................................6 NETWORX KEYPAD MAXIMUM WIRE RUN ..........................6 PROGRAMMING THE LED KEYPADS ............................7 KEYPAD ADDRESS AND PARTITION .............................. 7 CHANGING USER CODES: .................................
  • Page 4: General Description

    GENERAL DESCRIPTION The NetworX NX-6V2 represents a new approach to security systems design. Drawing on our experience in the world market as the largest exporter of USA manufactured controls, we have developed the most flexible, durable, and user-friendly control ever seen in our industry.
  • Page 5: Nx-6V2 Wiring Diagram

    WIRING DIAGRAM NX-6V2 Control...
  • Page 6: Terminal Descriptions

    TERMINAL DESCRIPTIONS TERMINAL DESCRIPTION House Telephone Ring (Grey). Telephone Ring (Red). Telephone Tip (Green). House Telephone Tip (Brown). EARTH Earth Ground. Connect to a cold water pipe or a 6 to 10 foot driven rod. AC input. Connect to a 16.5V 40 or 50 VA Class ll U.L. approved transformer. If used as a siren output (default), the speaker rating should be 15 watt at 8 or 16 ohm, or 30/40 watt at 4, 8, or 16 ohms.
  • Page 7: Programming The Led Keypads

    PROGRAMMING THE LED KEYPADS KEYPAD ADDRESS AND PARTITION This section describes how to program the address and partition of each keypad as well as the options that are available. The address of the keypad is important because this is how the panel supervises the keypads. The factory default for the Master code is [1]-[2]-[3]-[4] when using a 4-digit code or [1]-[2]-[3]-[4]-[5]-[6] for a 6-digit code.
  • Page 8: Assigning Authority Level

    ASSIGNING AUTHORITY LEVEL: • Enter [r]-[6]-[master code]. The "Ready" LED will flash. • Enter the 2 digit user number. The "Ready" LED will illuminate steady and the "Instant" LED will flash. • Refer to the chart below for the description of each LED. Turn the LED on for the features that you desire. ATTRIBUTES IF LED 8 IS OFF ATTRIBUTES IF LED 8 IS ON Reserved...
  • Page 9: Exiting A Location

    the [MEDICAL] key. To review the data in a location, repeat the above procedure, pressing [r] without any numeric data entry. Each time [r] is pressed, the programming data of the next segment will be displayed for review. EXITING A LOCATION After the last segment of a location is programmed, pressing [r] will exit that location, turn the "Ready"...
  • Page 10: Programming Example

    PROGRAMMING EXAMPLES FIGURE1 (Numerical Data) Zone 1 LED = 1 Zone 2 LED = 2 Data = 9 Data = 66 Zone 4 LED = 8 Zone 7 LED = 64 To change data in a Pressing [#] will exit a segment, enter the location without data followed by [ ]...
  • Page 11: Loading Factory Defaults

    LOADING FACTORY DEFAULTS To load the factory defaults, enter the program mode using the procedure on page 8, then type [9]-[1]-[0]-[#]. The keypad will beep 3 times indicating that the loading is in progress. The loading takes about 6 seconds. ENROLLING MODULES AND KEYPADS For supervision purposes, the NX-6V2 has the ability to automatically find and store in its memory, the presence of all keypads, zone expanders, wireless receivers, and any other module connected to the data terminal.
  • Page 12: Reporting Events To Phone Number 1

    DIAL ATTEMPTS/BACKUP CONTROL FOR PHONE 1 2 ... numerical Segment 1- Dial attempts: Location 3, Segment 1 is used to enter the number of dial attempts (1 to 15 Attempts) the communicator will make to Phone 1 before ending the notification process. Factory default is "8" and the communicator will make eight (8) attempts to the first number.
  • Page 13: Reporting Events To Phone Number 2

    COMMUNICATOR FORMAT FOR PHONE 2 1..... numerical Location 8 contains the communicator format used to transmit to the receiver connected to Phone 2. Consult the instruction manual for your central station receiver to determine which format is compatible, and select from Table XII-1 COMMUNICATOR FORMAT SELECTIONS on page 11.
  • Page 14: Reporting Events To Phone Number 3

    ACCOUNT CODE FOR PHONE 3 6 .... numerical The account code sent when Phone 3 is dialed is programmed in location 13. Program a A10" in the segment immediately after the last digit of the account code. If the account code is 6 digits long, program all 6 segments. If location 6 is left unprogrammed, account code 1 will be used when the Phone 3 is dialed.
  • Page 15 CUSTOM COMMUNICATOR FORMAT (See loc 2, 8, &14) Segment 1: Segment 2: 1 = On for 1800hz transmit; Off for 1900hz. 1 = On for pager format (no handshake required). 2 = On for 2300hz handshake; Off for 1400hz. 2 = On for 1400/2300 handshake. 3 = On for cksum parity;...
  • Page 16: Default Zone Types (Configurations)

    Segment 2: 1 = On enables the LED Extinguish feature. 2 = On enables the Require Code for Bypassing feature. 3 = On enables the Zone Bypassed Sounder Alert feature. 4 = On enables the AC Power/Low Battery Sounder Alert feature. 5 = On enables Bypass toggle.
  • Page 17 DATA DESCRIPTION OF DEFAULT ZONE TYPES ENTRY/EXIT DELAY 2- A trip will start entry delay 2. The lack of a trip during exit delay will enable the Automatic Bypass or Instant mode if so programmed. 24-HOUR SILENT SUPERVISED- Creates an instant silent alarm regardless of the armed state of the control panel. It will display on the keypad.
  • Page 18 ZONES 1-8 ZONE TYPE 8 .... numerical Location 25 contains the Zone Type for zones 1-8. Segment 1 is for zone 1, and Segment 8 is for zone 8. Default Zone Types are found in the table on page 16. To customize a Zone Type, see page 25. PARTITION SELECT, ZONES 1-8 8 ....
  • Page 19 Segment 4: 1 = On if Fail To Communicate report enabled. 2 = On if Log Full report enabled. 3 = On if Autotest report enabled. 4 = On if Start/End programming report enabled. 5 = On if End Download report enabled. 6 = On if Sensor Low Battery report enabled.
  • Page 20 Segment 9 - Fire Alarm Verification time in seconds 120-255 seconds ........(0 = no fire alarm verification) NOTE: The fire alarm verification feature is not approved for residential use in California Segment 10 - Listen-In time in seconds 0-255................(0 = no Listen-In time) Segment 11 - Zone Activity Monitor feature timed in days 0 –...
  • Page 21 AUXILIARY OUTPUT 1 - 4 SPECIAL TIMING 4..... feature select Location 46 contains special timing feature activation for the four auxiliary outputs. Segment 1 corresponds to output 1; Segment 4 corresponds to output 4. Segments 1 - 4: 1 = On if output should be timed in minutes; Off if timed in seconds. 2 = On if output should latch;...
  • Page 22 AUTOTEST CONTROL 4 .... numerical Segment 1: Program a "1" if the interval is to be in hours; Program a "0" if in days. Add a A2" to suppress the daily test or a A3" to suppress the hourly test if any report has been sent. Segment 2: Program the Autotest interval from 1-255 hours/days.
  • Page 23 SLOW COMMUNICATOR FORMAT CODES LOCATIONS 56- 83 ARE ONLY USED WHEN REPORTING EVENTS TO A PAGER OR USING A SLOW FORMAT SUCH AS 4+2. When using Contact ID or SIA, there is no need to program these locations. The digit programmed in each of the following locations will be sent as the upper HEX digit in place of the alarm event code. The zone ID or user ID will always be reported as the lower HEX digit (1-F).
  • Page 24 AUX POWER OVERCURRENT / RESTORE COMM CODE 4 .... numerical Location 70 contains the digits for a 4+2 format that will be sent if "Aux Power Overcurrent Reporting" is enabled. Segments 1 & 2 contain the digits of the "Aux Power Overcurrent Reporting". Segments 3 & 4 contain the digits of the "Aux Power Overcurrent Restore".
  • Page 26 Segment 3: On enables Fast Loop Response. (50mS)- Off= 500mS On enables Double End Of Line Tamper zone. (Mainly used for tamper on wireless zones) On enables Trouble Reporting zone. (Day zone and Fire zones) On if Zone Type is a Cross Zone. On enables Dialer Delay zone.
  • Page 27 ZONE TYPE 9 ALARM EVENT CODE 1..... numerical Location 126 contains the event code sent for a Contact ID or SIA report. The desired event code should be chosen from the list on page 43. The zone ID will be that zone that is in alarm. If 4+2 format is being used, refer to Location 110 on page 25 for details. ZONE TYPE 9 CHARACTERISTIC SELECT 5.....
  • Page 28 ZONE TYPE 19 ALARM EVENT CODE 1 .... numerical Location 146 contains the event code sent for a Contact ID or SIA report. The desired event code should be chosen from the list on page 43. The zone ID will be that zone that is in alarm. If 4+2 format is being used, refer to Location 110 on page 25 for details. ZONE TYPE 19 CHARACTERISTIC SELECT 5 ....
  • Page 29 ZONE TYPE 29 ALARM EVENT CODE 1..... numerical Location 166 contains the event code sent for a Contact ID or SIA report. The desired event code should be chosen from the list on page 43. The zone ID will be that zone that is in alarm. If 4+2 format is being used, refer to Location 110 on page 25 for details. ZONE TYPE 29 CHARACTERISTIC SELECT 5.....
  • Page 30 NOTES NX-6V2 Control...
  • Page 31: Programming Worksheets

    XIV. PROGRAMMING WORKSHEETS (Factory defaults for segments are in bold italics text and "Quick Start" locations are identified with the symbol.) DESCRIPTION DEFAULT PROGRAM DATA PHONE 1 14-14-14-14-14-14-14-14-14-14- __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ 14-14-14-14-14-14-14-14-14-14 __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ PHONE 1, ACCOUNT CODE 10 - 10 - 10 - 10 - 10 - 10 _ _ _ _ _ _...
  • Page 32 DESCRIPTION DEFAULT PROGRAM DATA PHONE 3, SELECTING WHICH PARTITIONS REPORT TO PHONE 3 Segment 1 (Circle Numbers To Program) 1 = Partition 1 2 = Partition 2 FORMAT OVERRIDE Segment 1 (Circle Numbers To Program) Segment 2 (Circle Numbers To Program) 1 = ON - 1800hz transmit;...
  • Page 33 DESCRIPTION DEFAULT PROGRAM DATA 29-36 RESERVED L 37 SIREN AND SYSTEM SUPERVISION Segment 1 (Circle Numbers To Program) 1 = Siren sounds for telephone line cut while armed. 2 = Siren sounds for telephone line cut while disarmed. 3 = Siren blast at arming. 4 = Siren blast at exit delay expiration.
  • Page 34 DESCRIPTION DEFAULT PROGRAM DATA KEYPAD SOUNDER CONTROL Segment 1 (Circle numbers to program) 1 = Keypad sounds for Telephone Line Cut when in the Armed state. 2 = Keypad sounds for Telephone Line Cut when in the Disarmed state. 3 = Keypad sounds upon AC Power Failure. 4 = Keypad sounds upon Low Battery Detection.
  • Page 35 DESCRIPTION DEFAULT PROGRAM DATA AUXILIARY OUTPUT #3, EVENT & TIME Segment 1: Event number for output # 3 2= 24 Hour Alarm Segment 2: Timing for output # 3 10 seconds AUXILIARY OUTPUT #4, EVENT & TIME Segment 1: Event number for output # 4 21-Armed State Segment 2: Timing for output # 4 Follow condition...
  • Page 37 LOCATIONS 112 – 169 EVEN NUMBERED ..Contains the event code sent for Contact ID or SIA and chosen from the list on pg 16. 4+2 Format Note: If 4+2 format is being used, the number programmed in this location will be sent as the upper hex digit. The digit should be from 1 to 15 when using 4+2 formats.
  • Page 38 DESCRIPTION DEFAULT PROGRAMMING DATA 170-205 RESERVED DAYS OF THE WEEK "AUTO DISARMING" WILL OCCUR IN PARTITIONS Segments Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Reserved Partition 1 Partition 2 ZONE WORKSHEET NOTES NX-6V2 Control...
  • Page 39: Glossary

    GLOSSARY Abort If enabled, the NX-6V2 will wait the programmed number of seconds in location 40 prior to sending an alarm. During this delay time, the “Cancel” LED will flash. To abort the report, type in a code and press the Cancel key. The LED will extinguish. If the report is not aborted within the allotted time, the LED will extinguish when the report is sent.
  • Page 40 Dual / Split / Multiple Reports The NX-6V2 can send communication reports to three different phone numbers for dual, split or multiple reports selectable by event or partition. (Loc 4, 10, & 16, pg 12, 13, 14) Duress Code If a duress code is programmed the NX-6V2 will send a duress signal whenever the panel is armed or disarmed with this code. If open/close reports are sent, the user code will be 254.
  • Page 41 Keyswitch Arm/Disarm Any zone on the NX-6V2 can be programmed as a keyswitch zone. If this is done, a momentary short on this zone will arm/disarm the control. If opening/closing reports are sent, the user code will be 99. (See "Default Zone Types", pg 16) LED Extinguish This feature will extinguish all LEDs on the keypad, except the "Power"...
  • Page 42 Tone Sniff Answering Machine Defeat If enabled, only one call is required to defeat the answering machine. To use this feature you must have a Hayes 1200 Smart Modem. From the computer, call the panel as normal. When the answering machine answers, the panel will hear the tones from the modem and seize the phone line for a download.
  • Page 43: Xvi. Appendix 1

    XVI. APPENDIX 1 REPORTING FIXED CODES IN CONTACT ID AND SIA The table below lists the event codes sent for the following reports (if enabled) when using CONTACT ID or SIA formats. REPORT CONTACT ID AC FAIL (device number) ............301...........AT AC RESTORE (device number)..........
  • Page 44: Xvii. Appendix 2

    XVII. APPENDIX 2 REPORTING ZONE CODES IN SIA OR CONTACT ID The NX-6V2 has the ability to report SIA level 1 transmissions to either or both phone numbers. Each report in SIA consists of an Event Code and a Zone or User ID. The Zone ID will be the zone number that is in alarm. The event code will come from the chart below and be programmed in the zone type event code.
  • Page 45: Xviii. Appendix 3

    XVIII. APPENDIX 3 EXPANDER NUMBERS FOR REPORTING EXPANDER TROUBLE The tables below list the device numbers that will be reported for trouble conditions. Device Device # reported NX-6V2 Control Panel See page 43 for possible report codes. NX-534E Two Way Listen-In NX-540E “Operator”...
  • Page 46: Local Telephone Company Interface Information

    LOCAL TELEPHONE COMPANY INTERFACE INFORMATION TELEPHONE CONNECTION REQUIREMENTS Except for telephone company provided ringers, all connections to the telephone network shall be made through standard plugs and standard telephone company provided jacks or equivalent in such a manner as to allow for immediate disconnection of the terminal equipment.
  • Page 47: Notices

    XXII. NOTICES Network Compatibility Declaration (Applies to products which have the CE mark attached) We declare under our sole responsibility that this product is designed to work with the networks in the countries marked with a check ( ) and may have interworking problems with the Declaration Of Conformity countries that are not checked.
  • Page 48: Underwriters Laboratories Information

    XXIII. UNDERWRITERS LABORATORIES INFORMATION The NetworX NX-6V2 holds the following listings from Underwriters Laboratories (US and Canadian): UL294 Access Control System Units UL365 Police Station Connected Burglar Alarms UL609 Local Grade A Mercantile, Police Station Connect with Basic Line Security...
  • Page 49 MINIMUM SYSTEM CONFIGURATIONS FOR UL INSTALLATIONS (Residential Fire, Residential Burglary, Commercial Burglary) • The NetworX NX-6V2 panel is necessary to initiate Residential and Commercial installations. • At least one compatible keypad is needed for all applications. • At least one bell fixture is required for all applications, except Grade C Central Station. For Grade A Local, the AD10-12 bell and Grade A bell housing shall be used.
  • Page 50: Ansi / Sia Cp-01 Requirements

    XXIV. ANSI / SIA CP-01 REQUIREMENTS IMPORTANT NOTE: To meet SIA CP-01 requirements – UL requirements take priority over SIA • Minimum System Requirements: 1 control panel; 2 keypads (or 1 keypad per partition for multi-partitioned systems) requirements. • Remote arming shall NOT be enabled in SIA classified installations. •...
  • Page 52: Specifications

    1420 NORTH MAIN STREET GLADEWATER, TEXAS 75647 Main 800-727-2339 Technical Support 800-727-2339 Outside the US 903-845-6941 Tech Support Fax 903-845-8409 Main Fax 903-845-6811 Sales & Literature 800-547-2556 Web: UL approved NX-6V2 INSTALLATION MANUAL for ANSI/SIA NX6V2IB04 REV. B (DEC-2004) CP-01-2000...

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