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Before Operation - Sanyo DC-LD5 Instruction Manual

Midi component system with fully compatible disc player
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When the minutes are being adjusted, there is no carry-
over to the hour display.
After the "minutes" have been adjusted, the time can be
set accurately by pressing the MEMORY switch when
the time signal is heard.
Reset the time when the tuner/timer display blinks be-
cause of a power failure. Reset the timer ON/OFF times
as well.
The TIMER, WAKE UP and SLEEP switches do not
function while the display is blinking.
When the system has been powered for about a day, the
clock operation and memory are backed up as follows.
- When a power failure occurs, the memory contents
will beheld for half a day, but the clock will blink at that
1. Turn down the VOLUME control so that the sound will
not suddenly be delivered at a high level.
2. Press the POWER switch. To turn off the power, press it
When the power is switched ON:
87.50 MHz" appears on the display when the
system has not been powered for a prolonged period of
time, After this, the display which was indicated before
the power was switched off will appear.
The MOTOR DRIVEN CONTROL indicators and one of
the function indicators light. (The function which was
selected before the power was switched off is selected,)
The display lights up.
Laser disc player:
If the function is "LD/CD", "O" will appear on the track
number/chapter display, and the STEREO, LD, CD/CDV
and DIGITAL PIAY indicators will light up.
Adjusting the volume
'g.wn the VOLUME control or press the "+" or" -" VOL
on the remote controller.
While either of the VOL switches is being pressed, the
MOTOR DRIVEN CONTROL indicator will blink.
Caution with volume adjustment
Bear in mind that compact discs are characterized by very
low noise levels. This means that unexpectedly loud sounds
may be heard if an attempt is made to adjust the
while listening to noise in the same way as might be done
for ordinary records or cassette tapes. In particular, when
listening to the sound with headphones,
take steps to
ears from high sound levels which may be
potentially damaging.
- The original volume level will be restored if the power is
switched off and then switched back on again.
Adjusting the left/right speaker balance
Use the BALANCE control to adjust the left/right speaker
balance. Normally, it is kept at its centre position.
Selecting the function
The function is automatically selected when tape playback
has been started or when any of the function switches on
the tuner has
When the function is switched, tape or disc play is
automatically stopped. (It is not stopped during tape
During an LD play, when selecting the other functions,
the function is switched. But sound will not be heard few
seconds while the disc is returning to the original posi-
tion, This means that the disc protection function is
For disc play, press the LD/CD function switch.
Press the AVI or AV2 function switch when a AV equip-
ment has been connected to the AVI or AV2 sockets
and the sound of that source is heard.
When the function is switched and a video component has
been connected, both the sound and picture will be se-
lected at the same time.
Graphic equalizer
controls (5 BAND GRAPHIC
By means of five independent frequency (100Hz/300Hz/
controls, you can get your favourite
sound shape flexibly. Flat response is obtained by setting
the controls to the centre positions.
Amplifier display
Indicates the input level and peak value of each sound
General input level and peak value are indicated on TOTAL.
Remember that the dubbing mode will be established ifthe
HI SPEED DUB switch is pressed when tapes have been
loaded in both deck 1 and deck 2.
To reduce the volume temporarily
To reducethevolume
level, press the MUTE (audio muting)
switch on the remote controller.
appears on the tuner/
timer display and the MOTOR DRIVEN CONTROL indica-
tors blink. The volume is restored to its previous level by
pressing the same switch again.



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