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Before Recording - Sanyo DC-LD5 Instruction Manual

Midi component system with fully compatible disc player
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Auto reverse
In both decks 1 and 2 tapes can be played back in the
following 3 ways using the MODE switch of the main unit.
Set the switch position before playback (or during play-
Karaoke play
1. Set the KARAOKE switch to KARAOKE,
2. When using a multiplex sound tape, set the VOCAL
CHANGER switch to ON if required.
3. Playback tape.
For listening to one side of the tape only.
For listening to both sides of the tape in succession.
However, if playback has been started from the reverse
side, only the reverse side will be played back.
For listening repeatedly to both sides of the tape.
Automatic Music Select System (AMSS) (FOR DECK 1)
When the
44 or w
switch is pressed during the play-
back of a tape in deck 1, playback will skip to the start of the
next selection or the selection now being played, respec-
tively. After the start of the selection has been found,
playback will resume, (While the selection start is being
located, the 4 or } indicator will blink.)
49 switch:
During forward side playback:
The start of the music selection now being played can be
During reverse side playback:
The start of the next music selection can be located.
During forward side playback:
The start of the next music selection can be located.
During reverse side playback:
The start of the music selection now being played can be
Unrecorded blanks lasting about 4 seconds are needed
for the AMSS operation.
If the system is being used close to a TV set, the AMSS
may not function properly due to the effect of the signals
from the TV set. If this is the case, either switch off the
TV's power or use the system at a distance from the TV
playback (continuous playback on decks 1 and 2)
1. Load the tapes into both decks 1 and 2.
2. Set the MODE switch on the main unit to" ~",
3. Select the deck 1 or deck 2 by pressing the DECK select
4. Press the PLAY
or 4 PLAY switch.
- Replay playback will continue from deck 1 (or 2) to deck
2 (or 1) until the STOP switch is pressed.
Deck 1 forward side — Deck 1 reverse side
Deck 2 reverse side -
Deck 2 forward side
Fast forwarding
and rewinding
1. Press the STOP switch to stop the tape at any time while
it is traveling.
2. Press the w
or 4
- When the tape has been wound to the end (or start), the
fast forward or rewind function will be automatically
To stop the tape
1, Press the STOP switch.
2. Press the EJECT button to eject the tape.
During cassette deck operation, if an operating problem
occurs, the REC/PAUSE,
4 and } indicators blink at the
same time. Before consulting your dealer, press the EJECT
button and remove the cassette. Reinsert it completely and
resume operation.
Recording copyright material without permission of the
copyright owners is usually an infringement.
[f you wish
to re-record
from the
copyright owner is necessary. SANYO does not approve
of, and cannot beheld responsible for, any unlawful use
of this machine.
Use deck 2 for recording.
Set the KARAOKEswitchto
MUSIC (except karaoke play
Press the EJECT button to open the cassette holder.
Load the tape for recording.
Set the DOLBY NR switch position.
For recording programmed using the Dolby NR sys-
For recording programmed without using the Dolby
NR system
Set the MODE switch position on the main unit.
For recording one side only.
For recording both sides in succession. [f recording
has been started from the reveme side, only the
reverse side will be recorded.
Recording at this switch position is the same as at the
" D"
If material is to be copied (dubbed), the sound of the
tape in deck 1 will be copied exactly onto the tape in
deck 2 regardless of the position of the DOLBY NR
switch, There is, therefore, no need to select the position
of this switch. (When dubbing at the normal tape speed
while listening to the playback sound, however, set the
DOLBYNR switch as required forthetape which is being
played back in deck 1.)
The unit's reverse function will reverse the tape when it
has been fully wound up on one side so that the re-
corded sound will be lost only for the part which corre-
sponds to the leader tape.
During recording or dubbing operations, the amplifier's
IZER controls will have no effect on the recorded sound
even if they are operated.



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