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About Discs - Sanyo DC-LD5 Instruction Manual

Midi component system with fully compatible disc player
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Connect microphone(s).
Using the KARAOKE switch
Set this switch to KARAOKE to engage the karaoke mode.
Sound will be reproduced
monaural (except LD digital
sound play).
During an LD/CD play, single selection play mode is estab-
lished. The play operation stops at the end of a selection.
The unit pauses at the beginning of the next selection after
play (PAUSE displayed).
- When the switch is set to MUSIC, sound will be repro-
duced stereo. During an LD/CD play, continuous play
mode is established.
- When selecting TUNER, AV1 or AV2 as the function, set
the switch to MUSIC.
Adjusting karaoke sound
Adjust the VOLUME control to your ordinary level.
Use the MIC 1 or MIC 2 MIC VOL control to adjust the
microphone volume.
ECHO control to adjust the
degree of the echo.
Re-adjust the VOLUME control to your desired sound level.
[t is recommended to set the 5 BAND GRAPHIC EQUAL-
IZER controls as shown in Fig. 15for better karaoke play.
Ifwhistle noise comes out from the speakers while using
the microphone(s), decrease microphone volume level
or keep the microphone(s) away from the speakers.
Disconnect the microphone if it is not in current use.
Digital surround echo
"Digital surround echo" first involves converting the analog
signals supplied from the microphone into digital signals
and then recording those signals in the memory. Next, the
actual echo effect is produced by reading out the signals
again from the memory after a delay which is equivalent to
the delay time of the echo signal, and then by converting
the digital signals into analog signals, This unit separates
the digital echo output into two sets of audio signals, and it
deepens and increases the echo effect by creating a time
difference between these two sets of signals. (Surround
Echo System)
All this means that, compared with the electronic echo
system which has generally been used in the past, the
noise level is reduced, an even and regular echo effect is
attained all the way from the bass to the treble ranges, and
even the degree of the echo itself is increased. When
wrapped in the Digital Surround Echo sound which is fuller,
deeper and richer, you will be able to enjoy both singing
and songs which sound as though they have come from a
real live stage!
This player incorporates
a video reproduction
compatible with LD, CDV and CD, and capable of playing
the following six types of discs without requiring an adap-
tor. The discs reproducible on the player have labels or its
jacket, as shown in Table 1.
Please note that VHD system video discs cannot be
used with this unit.
- This unit is applicable to NTSC, the Japanese television
system. Please note that the discs having indications of
a foreign television system (PAL, SECAM) cannot be
Discs lined with aluminum, for business equipment, are
not compatible with this player.
Do not use an 8 cm CD adaptor.
Standard (CAV) disc: Constant speed rotation
A disc spins with a constant rotational speed of 1,800 rpm.
Playback time on one side of 30 cm disc is 30 minutes,
recording maximum 54,000 frames of picture. As the disc
spins once, it turns each picture frame which are each
provided with frame numbers from 1 to 54,000.
CAV: Constant Angular Velocity
Long play (CLV) disc: Constant linear speed
The rotational speed changes accordingly, when the sig-
nal in the inner circumference is being read, it spins at
1,800 rpm. and when the signal in the outer circumference
is being read, it spins at 600 rpm. The playback time for one
side of 30 cm disc is 60 minutes and the playback elapsed
time is recorded on the disc from the beginning,
CLV: Constant Linear Velocity
Disc with CX symbol
Discs with the CX marking feature noise-free, dynamic
sound due to the CX noise reduction system incorporated
inside the player,
In case of a disc in which a code has been recorded to turn
the CX system on and off, the code will be read and a
switchover will be function automatically. Please note th~+
the CX system is only effective for the analog audio an=
does not function at the time of digital audio play. (CX is a
trademark of CBS.)
Disc with picture stop
Picture stop signals are recorded on some of the discs for
hobby, education, game or quiz purposes etc. when play
advances to this spot, it automatically turns to the still
Disc with digital a udio ~~~~
Contains both analog and digital signals. When playing
this disc, the digital sound takes precedence.
The recording level of digital sound is sometimes larger
than that of analog. This is important when changing over
from digital sound to analog sound, and vice versa.
disc with digital sound
Different audios are recorded separately in analog and
digital format. While playing this kind of disc, it is possible
to enjoy either analog sound or digital sound by setting the



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