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Using The Sleep Timer; Maintenance - Sanyo DC-LD5 Instruction Manual

Midi component system with fully compatible disc player
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When you are preparing to fall asleep, this timer switches
off the power automatically when the set time in the operat-
ing mode has elapsed. There is a choice of 7 set times: 90,
and 10 minutes.
Press the SLEEP switch. The "SLEEP" and previous
sleep time setting displays blink for 5 seconds.
[f the displays light, it means that the SLEEP timer is
operating and thus should be released.
Press the SLEEP switch before the 5 seconds elapse,
and set the desired sleep time.
Every time the SLEEP switch is pressed, the sleep time
display will blink and change in the following sequence:
- When the SLEEP switch is pressed again while"1 O"
is blinking or when the CLEAR switch is pressed, a
return is made to the original display and the SLEEP
timer setting mode is released,
Either press the SET switch within 5 seconds orallowthe
5 seconds to elapse. The selected sleep time changes
from blinking to lighting and after 2 seconds, a return is
made to the original display and the SLEEP timer starts
operating, (The "SLEEP" display remains.)
To check the remaining sleep time:
If the SLEEP switch is pressed while the SLEEP timer is
operated, the remaining time will be displayed. A return
is made to the original display if the SLEEP switch is
pressed again or 5 seconds are allowed to elapse.
To release the SLEEP timer while it is operating:
Press the SLEEP switch and then press the SET switch
before 5
have elapsed. This will release the
timer and turn off the''SLEEP"
display. The timer is also
released when the power is switched off.
Examples of timer applications
Set the WAKE UP timer before you go to bed.
Set the SLEEP timer, and fall asleep to the sound of the
radio, LD/CDV/CD or tape.
The next morning, wake uptothe sound of the radio, LD/
CDV/CD or tape.
Before leaving home, set up the system for unattended
recording using the ON/OFF timer.
Upon your return, listen to the unattended recording.
Timer priorities
When the power is switched on by the WAKE UP timer
and when, during the WAKE UP timer operation, the
present time arrives at the ON time setting of the ON/
OFF timer, the ON/OFF timer will not operate and it will
be released.
When the power is switched on bytheON/OFFtimer
when, during the ON/OFF timer operation, the present
time arrives at the wake-uptime
setting of the WAKEUP
timer, the WAKE UP timer will not operate. In this case,
however, the WAKE UP timer is not released.
When same the wake-uptime for the WAKE UP timer has
been set as the ON time for the ON/OFF timer, the ON/
OFF timer will operate (the ON/OFF timer takes prece-
- When the SLEEP timer has been set during an operation
by the ON/OFF timer or WAKE UP timer, the power will
be switched off after the time set by the SLEEP timer has
elapsed, The ON/OFF timerwill be released. (The SLEEP
timer takes precedence.)
Deck 1 and 2 head section (Fig. 19)
To ensure playback and recording with good-qualii
use cotton swab to clean the heads, pinch rollers and
capstans of the decks after about every 10 hours of use,
If the dirt persists, soak the swab in a little absolute alcohol
or cleaning fluid and then clean.
Main unit
Use a soft cloth to remove dirt on the main unit.
If the dirt persists, dip a soft cloth into a diluted solution of
neutral detergent, wring it out, wipe away the dirt, and then
take up any moisture with a dry cloth.
Do not use benzine, thinners or alcohol since they will mar
the finish of the surfaces. Also take care not to use inset'
tide sprays near the system.
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