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Kärcher DE 4002 User Manual Page 4

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1.4 Switching the unit ON
• Plug the unit into a mains socket, and switch it
on by means of the steam supply switch and the
heater switch. Indicator lamps should be
Note: The full heat rating will only be available if
the modular accessory plug is connected to the
main unit while it is heating up.
• When the heater indicator lamp extinguishes, the
system is ready for use.
Note: Do not place the unit in an upright position
while it is switched ON. Otherwise the heater will
automatically switch OFF after a short interval, and
the red indicator lamp (low water warning) will light
• For transporting the unit, switch the heater OFF
by means of the heater switch.
• When you press the steam switch, steam is
expelled from the steam gun. Always direct the
steam gun at a piece of cloth until the steam flows
evenly out of the nozzle.
• The heater is switched on continually while the
unit is in use (indicator lamp lights up), so that
the pressure inside the boiler is maintained at a
constant level.
• If you have switched the unit on and there is no
water in the boiler, heater indicator lamp will light
up initially before the low-water thermostat
switches the heater off. The low-water indicator
lamp will then light up.
1.5 Refilling the boiler with water
Note:When there is no water left in the additional
tank, a warning signal is sounded and the LOW
WATER WARNING lamp for the additional tank
• Using the funnel, fill the additional tank with a
maximum of 2 litres of tap water.
• When the HEATER indicator lamp extinguishes,
the cleaner is ready for use again.
Note: If the pump does not deliver any water,
although the additional tank is full, it is a sign that
the boiler requires descaling – see 3.1 Descaling
the boiler.
1. Starting the unit
1.6 Switching the unit OFF
• Switch the unit OFF by means of switches.
• Remove the modular plug from the main unit,
while lifting up the socket cover at the same time.
• Remove the plug from the mains socket.
• Any remaining water can be left inside the unit.
1.7 Transporting the unit
• If you have been working with the extension
tubes and the floor nozzle, it is quite easy to
transport the unit.
• Turn the heater OFF with switch, stand the unit
upright, and attach the extension tube to the
retaining bracket on the underside of the main
1.8 Storing the unit
• Place the hand and spot nozzles, together with
the smaller items, in the accessory compartment.
• Wind the cable around the holder on the base of
the main unit. Attach the floor nozzle to one of
the extension tubes, and insert both tubes into
the recesses in the base of the unit.
• Ensure that the brushes are allowed to cool down
without the bristles becoming deformed in the


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