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Clearances; Location; Vacation And Moving; Rollers - GE 19 Use And Care & Installation Manual

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Table of Contents
When You Goon Vacation
For shorter vacations, remove perishable foods and
leave controls at regular settings. However, if room
temperature is expected to drop below 60°F., follow
same instructions as for extended vacations.
For extended vacations or absences, shut off power
to refrigerator, move the fresh food control to OFF
position, and clean interior with baking soda solution
of 1 tablespoon of soda to 1 quart of water. Wipe dry.
To prevent odors, leave open box of soda in
refrigerator. Leave doors open.
Move icemaker feeler arm to STOP (up) position and
be sure to shut off water supply to the refrigerator.
Refrigerator Location
install refrigerator where temperature
Do not
will go
below 60°F. because it will not run often
enough to maintain proper temperatures.
Do install it on a floor strong enough to
support a fully loaded refrigerator.
Also see Energy-Saving Tips regarding location.


Adjustable rollers behind the base grille enable you to
move the refrigerator away from the wall for cleaning.
These rollers should be set so the refrigerator rests
automatically from a halfway-open position, there is a
built-in tilt from the front to the back of the cabinet.
Side-by-side refrigerators also have specially designed
door hinges that lift both doors slightly when opened,
allowing the force of gravity to help close them securely
To adjust rollers, remove
the base grille by grasping
it at the bottom and pulling
it out.
Turn roller adjusting
screws clockwise to raise
refrigerator, counterclockwise to lower it. Use
adjustable wrench (3/8" hex head bolt) or pliers.

Water Supply to Icemaker

will need to connect your icemaker to a cold water line. A water supply kit containing copper tubing,
shut-off valve, fittings and instructions is available at extra cost from your dealer. There should be
sufficient tubing for the icemaker from the cold water supply to allow you to move the refrigerator out
from the wall several feet (approximately 8 feet of 1/4" copper tubing in three 10-inch diameter coils.)
(on some models)

When You Move

Disconnect power cord from wall outlet, remove all
food, and clean and dry the interior.
Secure all loose items such as grille, shelves and
storage pans by taping them securely in place to
prevent damage.
Be sure refrigerator stays in upright position during
actual moving and in van. Refrigerator must be
secured in van to prevent movement. Protect outside
of refrigerator with blanket.


Allow the following clearances for ease of installation,
proper air circulation and electrical connections:
Sides ......5/8"
(If built in, allow 7/8" for hinge covers.)
If the refrigerator is against a wall on either side,
allow 3/4" for door clearances.
When adjusting front rollers
for proper door closure, we
recommend that the bottom
front edge of the cabinet be
approximately 5/8" from the
To replace base
grille, align prongs
on back of grille
with clamps in
cabinet and push
forward until grille
snaps into place.
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Table of Contents

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