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Drawer Removal; Light Bulb Replacement - GE 19 Use And Care & Installation Manual

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Drawer Removal

Drawers at bottom of fresh food compartment will stop
before coming all the way out of refrigerator to help
prevent contents from spilling onto floor. Drawers can
easily be removed by grasping the sides and lifting up
slightly while pulling past "stop" location.
To remove drawers when the refrigerator door
cannot be opened all the way:
Remove food from shelf above sealed vegetable
drawer and take out shelf. Take food off the glass
cover and out of the drawer.
2. Remove the flexible
gasket at the rear of the ~~~pofl M:'
vegetable drawer. Lift
each end straight up
until the slots on the
drawer support tabs.
3. Pull the drawer partway out. Reach in, push the rear
of the glass up and, at the same time, push it back
until it clears front-corner retainers.
4. Tilt and remove the cover. Avoid cleaning the cold
glass cover with hot water because the extreme
temperature difference may cause it to break.
5. Pull the drawer forward, lift the front to clear stops,
and remove the drawer. If the refrigerator door
doesn't open completely, pull the drawer out until it
hits the door. Then lift the drawer up until it is higher
than the drawer supports, tilt it and take it out.

Light Bulb Replacement

Fresh Food Com~artment–UD~er Light
Unplug refrigerator.
2. To align the control
knob properly, note
position of numbered
control for proper
reassembly and pull
off knob.
3. Pull bottom of light
panel down abo{t l/4''—just enough to disengage
lip at rear from grooves in retainers on rear wall.
4. Lift panel to disengage top from pins on side walls;
remove panel.
After replacing with same size bulb, reinstall panel
(hang top on pins; pull bottom down, push it back
and release it to let lip engage grooves in retainers).
Replace temperature control knob in OFF position,
turn it to previous setting, and plug refrigerator back in.
6. If tape holds the Convertible Meat Pan cover to the
drawer supports, remove the tape. Pull the drawer
partway out. Reach in, push the rear of the glass up
and, at the same time, back until it clears the front-
corner retainers.
7. Tilt and remove the cover.
8. Tilt and remove the drawer.
in reverse order.
When replacing the
drawer (on some models)
make sure you slide it
through both drawer
guides on the left side.
When drawers and covers are back in place, reinstall
the gasket at the rear of the sealed vegetable drawer. Fit
the end of the plastic drawer support into the slot on the
gasket, with the rubber gasket flap facing you. Make
sure the gasket snaps into place.
Fresh Food ComPartment-
Lower Light
(on ;ome models)
This light is located behind a shield at the rear
of the fresh food compartment
1. Unplug refrigerator.
2. Grasp the top edge of the shield and lift it
and forward to free its top edge.
3. After replacing with the same size bulb, hook
the top of the shield back in place.
Freezer Compartment
Unplug refrigerator.
2. Remove shelf just below light
shield. (Shelf will be easier to
remove if it is emptied first.)
3. Pull plastic light shield toward
you. (It will bend to free tabs
from grooves.)
After replacing with same size bulb, reinstall shield
and shelf and plug refrigerator back in.
After cleaning, replace


Table of Contents

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