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Ice Service; Water Filter Accessory - GE 19 Use And Care & Installation Manual

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Table of Contents
Ice frays
(on some models)
Ice trays are designed to
ice cubes easily.
Hold tray upside-down
over a container and
twist both ends to
release cubes.
Automatic Icemaker Accessory Kit
AGE automatic icemaker will replace the ice you
use... automatically. It can keep you supplied with
a binful of cubes—ice for everything, everybody—
without fuss or muss.

Water Filter Accessory

Your ice cubes can only be as fresh-tasting as the water that produces them.


For only one or two ice
leave the tray
right-side up, twist both
ends slightly and remove
desired number of cubes.
Wash ice trays and storage bin in lukewarm water
Do not put them in an automatic dishwasher.
If your refrigerator did not come already equipped
with an automatic icemaker, you may add one—
contact your local GE dealer; specify UK-KIT-4 or
shut-off valve, fittings and instructions needed to
connect the icemaker to your cold water line is also
available at extra cost.


Table of Contents

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