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Temperature Control - GE 19 Use And Care & Installation Manual

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Table of Contents
Set the Temperature Controls
Two controls let you regulate the temperature in the
fresh food and freezer compartments.
At first, set the fresh food control to "5" and the freezer
control to "C".
Allow 24 hours for the temperature to stabilize, whether
you are setting the controls for the first time or adjusting
them later. Then, if you want colder or warmer
temperatures in either compartment, adjust the controls
one step at a time.
Moving the fresh food control to 0~ turns off
cooling in both compartments-fresh food and
freezer—but does not shut off power to the refrigerator.
How to Test Temperatures
Use the milk test for the fresh food compartment.
Place a container of milk on the top shelf in the fresh
too warm or too cold, adjust the temperature controls.
Use the ice cream test for the freezer compartment.
Place a container of ice cream in the center of the
freezer compartment. Check it after a day. If it's too
hard or too soft, adjust the temperature controls.
Always allow 24 hours for the refrigerator to reach
the temperature you set.
No Defrosting
It is not necessary to defrost the freezer or fresh food compartments.
Your refrigerator is designed and equipped to defrost itself automatically.
If you turn your household thermostat below 60°F. at night...
. . you may want to turn the lettered
control one step colder, as from "C"
to "D?'
house may cause the compressor to '+,.,
operate less frequently, thus
warm somewhat. To protect your frozen food supply,
leave your lettered setting at this colder setting for
the entire winter or for whatever period of time you
are turning down your thermostat. This is especially
important when the thermostat is turned down for
an extended period.
Automatic Energy Saver System
You won't find an "energy saver" switch
on this refrigerator.
Warm liquid from the refrigerator's condenser
is automatically circulated around the front edge
of the freezer compartment to help keep moisture
from forming on the outside of the refrigerator
during humid weather.
Many refrigerators use special electric heaters.
This refrigerator needs none. That's why there
is no "energy saver" switch... thers's no need for it.
This change should have no effect on your fresh food
compartment. However, if freezing occurs, turn the
numbered control one step warmer, as from "5" to "4".
When you stop turning the thermostat down, turn
temperature controls back to their regular setting.


Table of Contents

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