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Charging Batteries - Honeywell MX9 User Manual

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Charging Batteries

New batteries should be charged fully before first use. The life and capacity of a Lithium Ion battery pack can vary
significantly depending on the discharge current and the environment in which it is used.
When a battery is placed in a charging pocket, the battery charger begins charging the battery. There is a slight delay while the
charger evaluates the condition of the battery (ambient temperature, remaining charge, etc.) before charging begins.
As with all batteries, expect to see a reduction in the total number of operations a fully charged battery pack can deliver as it
ages. When the battery reaches end of life (end-of-life occurs after 500 charge/discharge cycles) it must be replaced.
Battery packs do not need to be fully discharged between charge cycles.
While charging, the charger and battery pack will generate enough heat to feel warm. This is normal and does not indicate a


Table of Contents

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