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Peripheral Devices - Honeywell MX9 User Manual

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Peripheral Devices

Hand-held and vehicle mount devices have ports for the attachment of peripheral devices. A peripheral device might be a bar
code decoder, a bar code printer, a keyboard, a mouse or a monitor.
If the peripheral device does not have its own power source, and is designed to draw power from your MX9 battery, be aware
that the way you use the peripheral device affects the drain on your battery. Peripheral devices affect your battery life in the
following ways:
The number of peripheral devices you use affects the drain on your batteries.
The length of time you use peripheral devices affects the drain on your batteries. Using a peripheral device for 6 hours
per shift drains your batteries more than using a peripheral device for 4 hours per shift.
Scanning bad bar code labels with your bar code decoder can increase the drain on your batteries significantly. You
should ensure that your bar code labels are in good condition to prevent unnecessary drain.
Using a heater, if installed, greatly reduces battery life.
Wireless Bluetooth peripherals have their own power source.



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