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Honeywell MX9 User Manual

Microsoft windows ce 5 operating system
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Table of Contents
Hand-Held Computer
Microsoft® Windows® CE 5 Operating System
User's Guide


Table of Contents

Summary of Contents for Honeywell MX9

  • Page 1 Hand-Held Computer Microsoft® Windows® CE 5 Operating System User's Guide...
  • Page 2: Limited Warranty

    Disclaimer Honeywell International Inc. (“HII”) reserves the right to make changes in specifications and other information contained in this document without prior notice, and the reader should in all cases consult HII to determine whether any such changes have been made. The information in this publication does not represent a commitment on the part of HII.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Special Purpose Keys - 38 Key Bottom Back Battery Bay Trigger Handle Handstrap Label Locations 1-10 Chapter 2: Set Up A New MX9 Hardware Setup Software Setup Battery Connect or Remove the Battery Pack Insert/Replace Battery Remove Battery Insert Battery in HazLoc MX9...
  • Page 4 2-23 Startup Help 2-24 Continuous Scan Mode 2-24 Chapter 3: Connecting Cables to the MX9 Connecting the USB Host and Power Cable Connecting the USB Client and Power Cable Connecting the Serial and Power Cable Connecting an External Power Supply...
  • Page 5 3-11 Cradle Power Connector Port 3-11 Connecting the Headset Cable 3-12 Connecting a Tethered Scanner 3-13 Chapter 4: Product Agency Compliance - MX9 Laser Light Safety Statement Vehicle Power Supply Connection Safety Statement Hazardous Locations Warnings Chapter 5: Technical Assistance...
  • Page 7: Chapter 1: Introduction

    The keypad is available in a 62-key or 38-key configuration. The 62-key keypad is also available in an IBM 5250 configuration. Bar code reader options are: an imager or laser scanner integrated in the MX9, or a handheld scanner tethered to the port at the base of the MX9, Bluetooth mobile bar code imagers and scanners, or the Bluetooth Ring Scanner module.
  • Page 8: Laser Warnings And Labels

    Do not stare directly into the laser beam. Do not remove the laser caution labels from the MX9. Do not connect the laser bar code aperture to any other device. The laser bar code aperture is certified for use with the MX9 only.
  • Page 9: Components

    Components Front 1. Microphone 2. Touch screen 3. Speaker 4. Scan buttons 5. Enter key 6. Scanner status LED 7. Power key Note: The above list is the same on the 38 key MX9. Special keys are listed below.
  • Page 10: Special Purpose Keys

    Special Purpose Keys 1. Function Keys 2. Cursor up and down Keys 3. Diamond 1 key 4. Backspace [BS] key and Space [SPC] key 5. Escape [ESC] key 6. Power key 7. Tab key 8. Alt key 9. Control [CTL] key 10.
  • Page 11: Special Purpose Keys - 38 Key

    Special Purpose Keys - 38 Key 1. Diamond 1 key 2. Function keys 3. Tab | Space | Backspace keys 4. Diamond 2 key 5. Orange key 6. Escape [ESC] key 7. Alpha key 8. Control [CTRL] key 9. Shift [SHIFT] key 10.
  • Page 12: Top

    Bar code reader aperture Bottom Input / Output Connector Tethered boot cover (covers I/O connector) not shown...
  • Page 13: Back

    Back Battery Bay 1. Battery Charging Terminals 2. Battery Bay 3. Battery Bay Access Tab...
  • Page 14: Trigger Handle

    Trigger Handle Trigger handle attach points 1. Upper 2. Lower 1. Trigger 2. Tether attach point Stylus storage bay in trigger handle base...
  • Page 15: Handstrap

    Handstrap 1. Handstrap 2. Handstrap Base 3. Stylus 1. Attach - Upper Handstrap Base 2. Attach - Lower Handstrap Base 1. Handstrap connector, upper 2. Stylus holder on Handstrap 3. Handstrap connector, lower...
  • Page 16: Label Locations

    Label Locations Device with Summit radio 1. Laser Warning Label 2. Bluetooth Label 3. Product Identification Label 4. Java Label (if installed) 5. Windows OS License Label 6. Tamper Proof Label The tamper-proof label covers the top right screw in the battery bay. The label states "Warranty void if removed or damaged".
  • Page 17: Chapter 2: Set Up A New Mx9

    Chapter 2: Set Up A New MX9 This page lists a quick outline of the steps you might take when setting up a new MX9. More instruction for each step is listed later in this guide. Please refer to the MX9 Reference Guide for additional information and instruction.
  • Page 18: Battery

    MX9. An MX9 will retain data, while the main battery is removed and replaced with a fully charged main battery, for 5 minutes. Important: When the internal battery power is Low or Very Low connect the AC adapter to the MX9 before replacing the main battery.
  • Page 19: Remove Battery

    3. Push down on the battery pack until it clicks into place. 4. Place the tethered plastic locking tab over the battery latch, matching up the screw holes in the MX9 and the screw holes in the tethered plastic locking tab.
  • Page 20: Charge Or Recharge The Main Battery

    Hazardous Locations. New batteries must be fully charged prior to use. The main battery can be recharged in an AC powered Battery Charger after the battery has been removed from the MX9 or its packing material when new.
  • Page 21: Backlights And Indicators

    Backlights and Indicators Status LEDs Several LEDs are located on the front of the MX9 above the integrated speaker. They are: System Status LED indicates power management status. Battery Charging Status LED indicates main battery charging status. Alpha Mode Status LED applies to the 38-key keypad only.
  • Page 22: Toggle Vibrate Indicator

    Start > Settings > Control Panel > Data Collection> Notification tab The MX9 vibration motor is activated when a scan is completed successfully (good scan vibration) or with a failure (scan key released before good scan, timeout, or rejected because of Data Options configuration).
  • Page 23: Tapping The Touch Screen With A Stylus

    Tapping the Touch Screen with a Stylus Note: Always use the point of the stylus for tapping or making strokes on the touch screen. Never use an actual pen, pencil, or sharp/abrasive object to write on the touch screen. Hold the stylus as if it were a pen or pencil. Touch an element on the screen with the tip of the stylus then remove the stylus from the screen.
  • Page 24: Set Date And Time Zone

    The GrabTime utility can be configured to synchronize the time with a local server during each reboot function. Autolaunch Time-Sync By default, TimeSync does not automatically run on the MX9. To enable TimeSync to run automatically on the MX9 using the GrabTime utility, check this checkbox.
  • Page 25: Set Power Scheme Timers

    System Idle timer has expired. When the User Idle timer is set to “Never”, the power scheme timers never place the MX9 in User Idle, System Idle or Suspend modes (even when the MX9 is idle).
  • Page 26: Set Speaker Volume

    You can also select / deselect sounds for key clicks and screen taps and whether each is loud or soft. As the volume scrollbar is moved between Loud and Soft, the MX9 emits a tone each time the volume increases or decreases.
  • Page 27: Touch Screen

    Adjusting the Display Backlight Timer Start > Settings > Control Panel > Display > Backlight The backlight settings use the Honeywell set of default timeouts and are synchronized to the User Idle setting in the Schemes tab in the Power control panel.
  • Page 28: Protect The Touch Screen When Using A Holster / Carrycase

    The MX9 is inserted upside-down in the holster with the touch screen facing the belt connecting the holster to the body. Holster with Handle The MX9 is inserted upside-down in the holster with the touch screen facing the belt connecting the holster to the body. Guide the installed trigger handle into the trigger handle notch.
  • Page 29: Carrycase

    Carrycase Remove the handstrap components from the MX9. Open the zippered case until there is enough space to insert the MX9 into the case. The touch screen must face forward so it, and the keypad, are visible through the windows in the carrycase.
  • Page 30: Using The Input Panel / Virtual Keyboard

    Using the Input Panel / Virtual Keyboard The virtual keyboard is always available when needed e.g., text entry. Place the cursor in the text entry field and, using the stylus: Tap the Shift key to type one capital letter. Tap the CAPS key to type all capital letters. Tap the áü...
  • Page 31: Connecting Bluetooth Devices

    The system administrator has also assigned a Computer Friendly Name using LXEZ Pairing Control Panel for the MX9. To connect Bluetooth devices, the MX9 should be as close as possible and in direct line of sight (distances up to 32.8 feet or 10 meters) with the targeted Bluetooth device during the discovery and pairing process.
  • Page 32: Setup Terminal Emulation Parameters

    Setup Terminal Emulation Parameters Before you make a host connection, you will, at a minimum, need to know: the alias name or IP address (Host Address) and the port number (Telnet Port) of the host system to properly set up your host session. 1.
  • Page 33: Using The Applock Switchpad

    Click the switchpad icon in the taskbar. A checkmark on the switchpad menu indicates applications currently active or available for Launching by the MX9 user. When Keyboard, on the Switchpad Menu, is selected, the default input method (Input Panel, Transcriber, or custom input method) is activated.
  • Page 34: Warm Boot

    Start > Settings > Control Panel > Registry > Warmboot or Start > Run, type WARMBOOT and press Enter The Warm Boot function refreshes the Windows operating system without clearing RAM or deleting installed programs. MX9 user-set parameters are unchanged.
  • Page 35: Installing The Sim Card

    The expansion slots in the MX9 are accessible via the hatch. The hatch can be opened using a standard size screwdriver. When the hatch is opened, the MX9 automatically shuts down. It is good practice to save any changes then perform an orderly shutdown to preserve RAM contents before opening the hatch.
  • Page 36: Attaching The Handstrap

    3. Insert the screws (supplied) into each of the four holes and fasten the base securely. 4. Slide the handstrap bottom clip pins into the slots at the base of the MX9 and pull the strap towards the top of the MX9 until the top clip slips into the groove.
  • Page 37: Attaching The Trigger Handle

    Equipment needed: Torque wrench capable of torquing to 3±1 in/lb (.34±.11 N/m). Either the trigger handle or the handstrap is attached, not both. Honeywell recommends that, in the absence of a trigger handle, the handstrap be used at all times.
  • Page 38: Adjust Headset / Microphone And Secure Cable

    The headset consists of an earpiece, a microphone, a clothing clip and a cable. The headset attaches to the audio cable end of the voice cable which attaches to the MX9. Align the audio connector and the headset quick connect cable end. Firmly push the cable ends together until they click and lock in place.
  • Page 39: Cleaning The Touch Screen And Scanner Aperture

    Cleaning the Touch Screen and Scanner Aperture Note: These instructions are for components made of glass. If there is a removable protective film sheet on the display, remove the film sheet before cleaning the screen. Keep fingers and rough or sharp objects away from the bar code reader scanning aperture and the mobile device touch screen. If the glass becomes soiled or smudged, clean only with a standard household cleaner such as Windex®...
  • Page 40: Startup Help

    Technical Assistance if you need more help. Can’t change the date/time or AppLock is installed and may be running in User Mode on the MX9. AppLock user mode adjust the volume. restricts access to the control panels. Touch screen is not accepting See Also: "Calibrating the Touch...
  • Page 41: Chapter 3: Connecting Cables To The Mx9

    1. Holding the cable I/O connector (1), pinch the catch release buttons in until the catches are open. Connect the cable to the MX9 I/O port by matching the shape of the I/O connector on the cable with the shape of the I/O connector at the base of the MX9.
  • Page 42: Connecting The Usb Client And Power Cable

    1. Holding the cable I/O connector (1), pinch the catch release buttons in until the catches are open. Connect the cable to the MX9 I/O port by matching the shape of the I/O connector on the cable with the shape of the I/O connector at the base of the MX9.
  • Page 43: Connecting The Serial And Power Cable

    1. Holding the cable I/O connector (1), squeeze the catch release buttons in until the catches are open. Connect the cable to the MX9 I/O port by matching the shape of the I/O connector on the cable with the shape of the I/O connector at the base of the MX9.
  • Page 44: Connecting An External Power Supply

    LED on the power adapter illuminates green. 3. Squeeze the catches of the I/O connector and push the cable connector into the MX9 I/O port until it clicks. The click means the connector is seated firmly.
  • Page 45: Connecting Vehicle Power

    9000302PWRSPLY – Power Supply, 60-110VDC with cable Connecting Electrical Cables to Power Sources The DC to DC power supply is used to provide vehicle power to the MX9 when placed in a DC powered vehicle dock. Specifications for Electrical Supply...
  • Page 46: Wiring Schematic

    Connect Vehicle Electrical Connection 1. The vehicle cradle must be empty. 2. Begin by connecting the power cable to the MX9's vehicle cradle. Work from this connection with the last connection being to the vehicle’s power source. 3. Route the cable from the cradle to the DC to DC converter.
  • Page 47 10. Wire colors depend on the type of device attached. Please refer to this illustration for wire colors. 11. Use the looms and wire ties to secure all wiring as shown above, then reattach the cover with the screws. 12. Connect the DC to DC converter to the vehicle’s electrical system. 13.
  • Page 48: Vehicle 12V Bare Wire Adapter

    Vehicle 12V Bare Wire Adapter Part Number: 9000A079CBL12ML3 Caution For proper and safe installation, the input power cable must be connected to a fused circuit on the vehicle. This fused circuit requires a ten Amp maximum time delay (slow blow) high interrupting rating fuse. If the supply con- nection is made directly to the battery, the fuse should be installed in the positive lead within 5 inches of the battery positive (+) terminal.
  • Page 49: Connecting The Power Cable To The Vehicle

    Connecting the Power Cable to the Vehicle 1. Vehicle Electrical System 2. 10 Amp Slow Blow Fuse 3. DC + 4. DC - 5. Vehicle Chassis 6. Brown 7. Blue 8. Green Note: Correct electrical polarity is required for safe and proper installation. The cradle will not power on or function if the cable is connected with the polarity reversed.
  • Page 50: Connect Vehicle 12Vdc Connection

    4. Provide mechanical support for the cable by securing it to the vehicle structure at approximately one foot intervals, taking care not to over tighten and pinch conductors or penetrate outer cable jacket. 5. Refer to the following sections to complete the power connection to the MX9 vehicle cradle. 3-10...
  • Page 51: Connect Power Supply To Vehicle Cradle

    Secure the cable to the cradle with the pre-installed strain relief cable clamp (see section titled Vehicle Cradle Strain Relief Cable Clamp). The power LED on the MX9 illuminates when it is receiving external power and an MX9 is docked. Cradle Power Connector Port...
  • Page 52: Connecting The Headset Cable

    2. Headphones 3. Connects to voice cable end of voice cable Connect the MX9 voice cable I/O connector to the I/O port on the MX9. The MX9 internal microphone and speaker are automatically disabled. Slide the voice cable ends together until they click shut. Do not twist or bend the connectors.
  • Page 53: Connecting A Tethered Scanner

    1. Squeeze the I/O port connector latches inwards. Connect part (1) of the RS232 cable to the I/O port at the base of the MX9. Release the connector latches and test the connection for stability. 2. Match the shape of the serial port (2) on the RS232 cable with the shape of the tethered scanner cable end.
  • Page 54 3-14...
  • Page 55: Chapter 4: Product Agency Compliance - Mx9

    Connect the equipment into an outlet on a circuit different from that to which the receiver is connected. Consult the dealer or an experienced radio/TV technician for help. Notice Changes or modifications made to this equipment not expressly approved by Honeywell may void the FCC authorization to operate this equipment. EMC Directive Requirements This is a Class B product.
  • Page 56 Bluetooth and GSM technology are not available in Brazil. Bluetooth e tecnologia GSM não estão disponíveis no Brasil. In Brazil the MX9 is not available with the MX9 AC/DC power adapter and MX9 Desktop cradle. Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE)
  • Page 57 R&TTE Directive Requirements Dealer License - Republic of Singapore Republic of Singapore - LXE Dealer License Number DA103458 complies with IDA Standards.
  • Page 58: Declaration Of Conformity

    The EMC Directive: 2004/108/EC The Low Voltage Directive: 2006/95/EC And the Marking Directive: 93/68/EEC Type of Equipment: DSSS 2.4 GHz WLAN Brand Name or Trademark LXE Type Designation: MX9 with 802.11b/g WLAN Manufacturer: LXE Inc. 125 Technology Parkway Address: Norcross, GA 30092-2993 USA...
  • Page 59: Laser Light Safety Statement

    Laser Light Safety Statement Warning: This product uses laser light. One of the following labels is provided on the scanner. Please read the Cau- tion statement. (US) Mise én garde: Ce produit utilise un rayon laser. L’une des étiquettes suivantes est apposée sur le scanneur. Veuillez lire l’avertissement qu’elle contient.
  • Page 61: Vehicle Power Supply Connection Safety Statement

    Vehicle Power Supply Connection Safety Statement Vehicle Power Supply Connection: If the supply connection is made directly to the battery, a 10A slow-blow fuse should be installed in the positive lead within 5 inches (12.7 cm.) of the battery positive (+) terminal. (US) Raccordement de l’alimentation du véhicule Si l’alimentation est raccordée directement à...
  • Page 62: Hazardous Locations Warnings

  • Page 63: Chapter 5: Technical Assistance

    Limited Warranty Honeywell International Inc. ("HII") warrants its products to be free from defects in materials and workmanship and to conform to HII’s published specifications applicable to the products purchased at the time of shipment. This warranty does not cover any HII product which is (i) improperly installed or used;...
  • Page 64 The duration of the limited warranty for the MX9 Battery Charger is 1 year. The duration of the limited warranty for the MX9 2400mAh Li-Ion and 2100mAh Li-Ion Battery is 6 months. The duration of the limited warranty for the MX9 AC power supply and cables is 1 year.
  • Page 66 Honeywell Scanning & Mobility 9680 Old Bailes Road Fort Mill, SC 29707 E-EQ-MX9OGWW Rev J 10/12...

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