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Inserting A Battery Into The Charging Pocket; Remove The Battery From The Charging Pocket - Honeywell MX9 User Manual

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Inserting a Battery into the Charging Pocket

Caution! It is important that battery packs are inserted into the charging pocket correctly. Inserting the battery incorrectly could
result in damage to the battery pack or the charger.
Caution! Do not "slam" the battery pack into the charging pocket. Damage may result.
When preparing the battery pack for insertion into the battery charging pocket, hold the battery with its four charging contacts in
line with the charging contacts in the charging pocket. Aim the retaining catch towards the back of the charger.
Push the locking tab towards the back of the battery charging pocket until it stays in place. Place the battery in the charging
pocket, making sure the tab at the top of the battery pack fits into the slot at the top end of the charging pocket. With a hinging
motion, slip the battery down into the charging pocket until the locking tab clicks into place and the battery pack is secure in the
charging pocket.

Remove the Battery from the Charging Pocket

Push the latch away from the battery. The battery will pop up slightly. Grasp the battery and with a hinging motion, lift it out of
the charging pocket.



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