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Starting Up; 1Checking For Leaks And Purging Air; 2Adjusting The Temperature Dial; 3Adjusting The Flow - Bosch TRONIC 6000C WH17 Installation Manual And Operating Instructions

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Starting up

4.6.1 Checking for leaks and purging air
▶ Verify all circuit breakers supplying power to the water
heater are turned off.
▶ Open all hot water taps supplied by the water heater and
inspect all water connections for leaks.
▶ With all hot water taps still open, inspect each tap to ensure
all air in the lines has been purged out.
▶ Close all hot water taps and proceed to the next section.
4.6.2 Adjusting the temperature dial
▶ The temperature dial sets the heater set-point
temperature. Please note heat loss, pipe run, and other
factors affect the outlet temperature at end use.
▶ The temperature adjustment is made using the dial on the
front cover of the unit. the adjustment is between
approximately 95 °F and 131 °F. Turning the dial clockwise
increases the temperature setting, as indicated by the
increasing temperature displayed on the unit.
4.6.3 Adjusting the flow
▶ Open fully both inlet and outlet shut-off valves at the
heater, then:
▶ Turn on fully the highest flowing hot water faucet (e.g.,
bathtub) served by the water heater.
▶ Adjust the inlet shut-off valve until the water flow rate from
the hot faucet corresponds to the value given in Fig. 11
Fig. 11
Tronic 6000C
▶ For a licensed electrician, the unit has capability of
displaying the flow rate on the front cover display. To do
this, shut the circuit breakers off and remove the cover.
– Set the small dip-switches on the display printed circuit
board in fig. 12 to display flow in the units desired.
The display will show these measurements as shown in
table 8. Once the switch has been changed to display
flow rate, place the unit cover back on and turn on the
electrical breakers.
– Fully turn on the highest flowing hot water faucet (e.g.
bathtub) served by the water heater.
– Adjust the inlet shut-off valve until the water flow rate
displayed on the unit corresponds to the value given in
fig. 11 below, noting any derate due to supply voltage.
Derate for 208 and 220V is noted at the bottom of
Table 5.
– Shut off the hot water faucet and turn off all breakers.
– Remove front cover by undoing the retaining screws on
the front. Remove the temperature knob by pulling up
with slight force. Place knob and white bushing aside,
and take the cover off the heater. Then reset the circuit
board switches to display temperature, as shown in
fig. 12 below.
– Place front cover back on the unit. Reinstall white
bushing with flat end facing up. Attach knob in any
orientation and push down to secure. Tighten cover
retaining screws. Then and turn on the electrical
breakers. Utilize the front knob to set the setpoint
temperature of the unit.
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