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1Water Quality; Electrical Connections - Bosch TRONIC 6000C WH17 Installation Manual And Operating Instructions

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12 | Installation
▶ Use Teflon tape for sealing pipe threads. Do NOT use pipe
▶ Remember to keep the hot water pipe runs as short as
After the heater has been plumbed, and
before you wire it, flush it with water to
remove any debris or loose particles. Heater
must be full of water and air purged before
power is turned on. Failure to do so may
result in damage to the product that is not
covered by warranty.
▶ After flushing and filling the heater with water, (with power
off) disconnect the inlet connection and inspect the filter
screen for any debris that may have been flushed through
the system.
The inlet and outlet connections are clearly
marked on the heater. They each have a
¾ inch male NPT connector.
▶ Check the pressure of the main water supply. To operate
correctly, the heater needs the running pressures
mentioned in Tab. 5.
4.4.1 Water quality
Water quality can have an impact on appliance longevity and
may not be covered under the manufacturer's warranty.
▶ For water analysis data call your local water department, or
if on a well, have well water analyzed periodically.
If water quality exceeds one or more of the values specified
below, Bosch recommends consulting a local water
treatment professional for water softening/conditioning
TDS (total Dissolved Solids)
Total hardness
Table 7
6 720 646 951 (2015/04)
Max. Levels
6.5 - 8.5
mg/l or ppm
mg/l or ppm
(6 grains)
mg/l or ppm
mg/l or ppm
mg/l or ppm
mg/l or ppm
mg/l or ppm
mg/l or ppm

Electrical connections

▶ The unit must be wired by a qualified
electrician, in accordance with the
current version of the National Electrical
Code US) or Canadian Electric Code
When the heater is not within sight of the
electrical circuit breakers, a circuit breaker
lockout or additional local means of
disconnection for all non-grounded
conductors must be provided that is within
sight of the appliance. (Ref NEC 422.31.).
As per the Canadian Electrical Code, C22.1-
02 Section 26-744, an auxiliary terminal
block must be fitted to the heater before
connecting to the electrical supply. This is
available as a kit from Bosch
Thermotechnology Corp. Part Number "AE
Canada Kit". (Contact 800-798-8161).
US wiring
The minimum recommended wire size is 8 AWG. (The
terminal block will accept cables up to 6 AWG size).
The cable entry is via the 1¼ inch cable entry hole on the
bottom right hand edge of the back plate.
Strip back the insulation on the power wires about ½ inch.
Connect the live wires to the terminals marked "L1" and
"L2." There are two pairs of live wires in the WH17 and
three pairs of live wires in the WH27. (See Fig. 7 and
Fig. 8, page 13).
Any insulation on the ground wires should be stripped back
about ¾ inch. The ground leads must be connected to the
pillar terminal marked "GR". (See Fig. 7 and Fig. 8, page
Make sure the terminal block screws are tightened
securely. Loose connections can cause wires to heat up.
Make sure that the ground wires are wrapped around its
terminal stud and into the saddle washer. The nut should be
tightened securely.
Attach the front cover, replace the white bushing with flat
end facing up, replace the knob in any orientation by
pushing down to secure and tighten the retaining screws.
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