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Bosch Tronic TR4500T 50 EB Installation Manual

Electrical storage water tank
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User and Installation manual
Electrical storage water tank
TR4500T 30|50|80|100|120|150 EB



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  Summary of Contents for Bosch Tronic TR4500T 50 EB

  • Page 1 User and Installation manual Electrical storage water tank Tronic TR4500T 30|50|80|100|120|150 EB...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Index Index 8.1.2 Safety valve verification ....17 Key to symbols and safety instructions ..3 8.1.3 Safety valve .
  • Page 3: Key To Symbols And Safety Instructions

    Key to symbols and safety instructions Security Measures Key to symbols and safety instructions Installation Key to symbols ▶ Installation must only be carried out Warnings by an authorised service. ▶ IEC 60364-7-701 must be observed Warnings in this document are identified by a warning triangle printed against a grey when installing the appliance and or background.
  • Page 4 Key to symbols and safety instructions Installation and conversion Maintenance ▶ Only permit an authorised service to ▶ Only authorised technicians are install this appliance. permitted to service this appliance. ▶ Do not install a stop valve between ▶ Isolate the appliance from its power the water heater and the safety valve, supply before commencing any because it will impair the pressure...
  • Page 5 Key to symbols and safety instructions prevent hazards from occurring when using electrical appliances: “This appliance can be used by children of 8 years and older, as well as by people with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities or lacking in experience and knowledge, if they are supervised and have been given instruction in the safe use of the...
  • Page 6: Technical Characteristics And Dimensions

    Anticorrosion protection: magnesium anode. Using the appliance for any other purpose will be considered Anticorrosion protection incorrect use. Bosch accepts no liability for any damage resulting from such use. The inside of the tank is lined with homogeneous glass enamel,...
  • Page 7: Technical Specifications

    Technical Characteristics and dimensions Technical specifications This appliance meets the requirements specified by the European Directives 2014/35/EC and 2014/30/EC. Technical characteristics Unit TR4500 30 TR4500 50 TR4500 80 TR4500 TR4500 TR4500 General characteristics Declared load profile Energy efficiency class Water heating energy efficiency 33,5 37,2 36,9...
  • Page 8: Dimensions

    Technical Characteristics and dimensions Dimensions Fig. 2 Dimensions in mm (Vertical installation on a wall) Appliance 30... 50... 80... 100... 120... 1130 150... 1345 1100 Table 5 Tronic – 6 720 884 457 (2018/02)
  • Page 9: Electrical Wiring Diagram

    Technical Characteristics and dimensions Electrical wiring diagram CAUTION: Electric shock! ▶ Before any intervention into the interior of the water heater, disconnect it from the power supply network! This intervention may only be performed by a trained professional! Fig. 3 Electric circuit diagram (30L heater) [1] Connection terminal [L1] Live conductor...
  • Page 10: Regulations

    Regulations Regulations CAUTION: ▶ Do not drop the appliance. The country’s regulations currently in force must be fulfilled for ▶ Remove the appliance from the the installation of the electric appliances. packaging only at the place of installation. ▶ Wherever applicable, comply with the Transport IEC 60364-7-701 norm on installing the ▶...
  • Page 11: Wall Mounting

    Installation 6 0 c m 6 0 c m NOTICE: Material damage! ▶ Install a filter at the water inlet in areas where the water contains particles or sediments. It is recommended: ▶ to purge the system before appliance installation, the existence of sand can cause a reduction in flow or even cause a total obstruction.
  • Page 12 Installation safety valve outlet must be piped down vertically and placed in an environment that is free from the onset of freezing conditions. To avoid water dripping from the safety valve, an expansion tank should be installed on the inlet pipe of the heater with the capacity of at least 5% of the heater volume.
  • Page 13: Electrical Connections

    Installation If the pressure at the cold water inlet is superior to that of 80% of the maximum pressure of the appliance at, ie: 6,4 bar: ▶ Install a reducing valve (Fig. 8). The safety valve will trigger every time the water pressure in the appliance exceeds 6,4 bar.
  • Page 14: Start-Up

    Installation Start-up Before connecting it to the power supply, the water heater must be filled with water. When filling the heater for the first time, the tap for the hot water on the mixing tap must be opened. When the heater is filled with water, the water starts to run through the outlet pipe of the mixing tap.
  • Page 15: Use

    After it has been connected to the water and power supply grid, ▶ Press button (fig. 11, [2]) until you get the desired the heater is ready to be used. When connected to the power temperature level (preset temperature level is 57 °C). supply, the heater runs in standby mode.
  • Page 16: Emptying The Appliance

    ▶ Unplug the appliance from the power supply. Environmental protection is a fundamental corporate strategy DANGER: Burn risk! of the Bosch Group. Open a hot water tap to and verify the The quality of our products, their efficiency and environmental...
  • Page 17: Inspection/Maintenance

    Inspection/Maintenance Inspection/Maintenance WARNING: Before carrying out any maintenance work: Maintenance must only be carried out by an ▶ Turn off all electric current. authorized technician. ▶ Turn off the water cut off valve (Fig. 8). User information With regular service inspections you will ensure faultless functioning and long life of the heater.
  • Page 18: Periodic Cleaning

    Inspection/Maintenance 8.2.3 Periodic cleaning WARNING: DANGER: Burn risk! It is forbidden to operate the appliance without an installed magnesium anode. During the periodic cleaning process the hot water may cause serious burns. ▶ Carry out this operation outside working WARNING: hours.
  • Page 19: Problems

    Problems Problems Indication of errors In case of error, control lights start to flash on the display DANGER: (fig. 11[1]). Assembly, maintenance and repairs should In the following diagram there are some solutions described for only be carried out by authorized possible problems / errors.