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Makita 2030N Instruction Manual

Planer- jointer 320 mm (12-1/2") with electric brake
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Planer- Jointer
Auto feed
320 mm (1242") MODEL 2030N
With Electric
0 mm
150 mm
150 mm
240 mm
I O ' -
5 - 7 / 8 7
320 mm
High speed
1 mm15/128'1
8 m
5 m
1 . 5 m m 1 1 / 1 6 , , )
( 1 7 f t I
Low speed
Manual feed
3 m m (1/8")
Auto feed
Manual feed
No. of
Max. cutting depth
Feed rate
Fence size
320mmx 600mm 112.112"
12.7 mm
- 185
mm ( 1
12" -
7-1 14")
x 1,MOmm l 6 - 1 / 8 '
730mmx 105"
No load speed
Overall length IW
Net weight
7,000 R/min.
mm x
775 mm 1 3 0 3 / 4 '
150 kg 1330 Ibs)



  Summary of Contents for Makita 2030N

  • Page 1 155" x 1,MOmm l 6 - 1 / 8 ' No. of knives No load speed 7,000 R/min. Planer- Jointer 320 mm (1242") MODEL 2030N Max. cutting depth 0 mm 150 mm 150 mm 240 mm I O ' - 5 - 7 / 8 7 l5-7/8"...
  • Page 2 BEFORE CONNECTING YOUR TOOL GENERAL POWER TOOL SAFETY RULES GENERAL SAFETY PRECAUTIONS KNOW YOUR POWER TOOL. Read the owner's manual carefully. Learn the tools applications and limitations, as well as the specific potential hazards peculiar t o KEEP GUARDS IN PLACE and in working order. REMOVE ADJUSTING KEYS AND WRENCHES.
  • Page 3 RISK OF REDUCE THE in off position before plugging USE RECOMMENDED ACCESSORIES. Consult the owner's manual for recommended accessories. The use of improper accessories may cause risk of injury t o persons. NEVER STAND ON TOOL. Serious injury could occur or if the cutting tool is accidentally contacted.
  • Page 4 GROUNDING INSTRUCTIONS ALL GROUNDED, CORD-CONNECTED TOOLS: breakdown, grounding provides a path of least resistance for electric current t o reduce the risk of electric shock. This tool is equipped with an electric cord hav- ing an equipment-grounding conductor and a grounding plug. The plug must be plugged into a matching outlet that is properly installed and grounded in accord- ance with all local codes and ordinances.
  • Page 5 Never stick your finger into the chip chute. Chute may jam when cutting damp wood. Turn off the planer-jointer and then clean out chips with a stick. 1 4 .
  • Page 6 ADDITIONAL SAFETY RULES FOR AUTO-PLANER 1. Two or more pieces of narrow but similar thickness stock can be passed through the auto-planer side by side. However, allow some spacing between the stock t o permit the feed rollers t o grip the thinnest piece.
  • Page 7 HOW TO USE AUTO-PLANER Adjusting depth of cut The maximum depth of cut changes in terms of the cutting speed and the width of the workpiece to be cut. See Fig. 1. Insert the workpiece flush with the in- feed table top so that the front end of the workpiece reaches 30 mm (3/4 t o 1-1/8") beyond the...
  • Page 8 Switchover cutting speed Turn the speed change lever to the right for high speed, and to the left for low speed. CAUTION. Change speeds while the tool is running, but do not attempt to do actual planing operation. 4. Chip deflector The ejecting distance of chips can be adjusted by means of the chip deflector.
  • Page 9 JOINTER 1. Cutting depth the depth of cut with the depth adjustment knob while watching the graduation on the scale 2. Fence angle (0 45') Set the depth of cut to "0" graduation. Loosen the thumb screws holding the fence in place. Pull out the fence by at (1") and tighten the thumb least...
  • Page 10 OPE RATION 1. Auto-Planer Determine the depth of cut and the cutting speed in terms of the width of the work- piece you intend to cut. Insert the workpiece flush with the table top. When cutting the long and heavy workpiece, lift up the end of the workpiece slightly...
  • Page 11 Jointing edge Set the fence square with the table. Hold the best face of the workpiece firmly against the fence throughout the feed. (Fig. 10) CAUTION : Cover the cutterhead with the safety cover when the fence i s pulled out. (Fig. 1 1 ) .
  • Page 12 Direction of grain Avoid feeding workpiece into the Jointer against the grain shown in Fig.13. The result will be chipped and splintered edges. Feed with the grain as shown in Fig. 14, to obtain smooth surface. Wor kpiece Outfeed table Cutterhead Wrong feed -against the grain.
  • Page 13 CHANGING PLANER BLADES Removing blades Remove the screw on the outfeed side of the chip cover. Then open the chip cover. Loosen the hex bolt with the wrench and lift Set the depth of cut for Jointer to maximum graduation.
  • Page 14 Lock the drum the position shown in socket wrench. Remove the hex bolts and the drum cover. When removina the blade from the Auto-Planer, lock the drum in Fig. 18 and push the blade the screwdriver. .When removing the blade from the...
  • Page 15 Auto-Planer, press down on both ends of the blades with wooden levelers. *On the Jointer, the leveler on the outfeed table and slide blade edge. The edge just contact underside leveler. Lock the drum the position shown in Fig. 17.
  • Page 16 1. Adjusting infeed/outfeed rollers (Auto-planer) NOTE : The planer infeed and outfeed rollers are factory adjusted. If you notice the adjust- ment is off, kindly do Use the wrench to loosen the installation nuts slightly. Turn the adjusting screw to obtain a level of from 0.1 to...
  • Page 17 Keep the to about brushes clean and free to slip in the holders. Both brushes should be changed the same time. Use only Makita carbon brushes. Remove the screws that hold the chip cover and the switch cover. Set the speed change lever in the neutral position and remove the switch cover.
  • Page 18 .Take out the worn brush, insert the new one and secure the brush holder cap. Cleaning Always brush off dirt, chips and foreign matter adhering to roller surfaces, motor vents. Make sure that water or oil does not enter the motor. Lubrication (periodic) Oil the chain (after removing the chain cover), the column moving parts (contact...
  • Page 19 7.5 mm (5/16”). Blades may be used down to 24.5mm (1”) width. To maintain product SAFETY and RELIABILITY, repairs, any other maintenance and adjustment should be performed by Makita Authorized or Factory Service Centers, always using Makita replacement parts. surface of the Wing...
  • Page 20 ACCESSORIES CAUTION These accessories or attachments are recommended for use with your Makita tool specified i n this manual. The use o f any other accessories or attachments might present a risk of injury t o persons. The accessories or attachments should be used only i n the proper and intended manner.
  • Page 21 180-1200 Dressing Stone (Part 741801-4) Leveler (Part No. 41 1908-71 (Part No. 411447-7) Wrench (Part No. 781202-4)
  • Page 22 Seo -19-'84 US (12-1/2") PLANER-JOINTER Model 2030N...
  • Page 24 Note: The switch and other part configurations may differ from country to country.
  • Page 25 2030N MODEL DESCRIPTION MACHINE Head S ~ r e w M5x12 !Wilh Washer] Chip Cover Chip Blast Pan Head Screw M 5 x l 2 IWith Washer) Plane Bearing 10 Rod 1 0 - 4 0 0 Pan Head Screw M5x12 IWith Washer]...
  • Page 26 MODEL 2030N ' i t M DESCRIPTION MACHINE Ruler Holder R Hex Flange Head Bolt M8xZO Pan Head Screw M5x16 [With Washer) Ruler Bar L F i x Spring Pin 4 - 3 2 Knob 40 Hex Bolt Max25 lWith Washer) Be"...
  • Page 27 ... MAKITA LIMITED ONE YEAR WARRANTY Every Makita tool is thoroughly inspected and tested before leaving the factory. It is warranted to be free of defects from workmanship and materials for the period of ONE YEAR from the date of original purchase.