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Makita 2030S Instruction Manual

Planer-jointer 312 mm (12-9/32")
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Auto feed
Manual feed
Manual feed
No load speed
C u t t i n g w i d t h
Max. c u t t i n g d e p t h
Feed rateimin
3.0 (118")
f o r stock
150 (0''
1 5
240 15-29/32"
1.0 13/64']
for stock
312 (9.7116"
w i d e
312 (12-9/32"1
10.5 (34.5
155 16-1/8"1
3 0 (118")
size lmml
Fence size
Stock height
500 I1 1-13/32"
19-1 1/16")
160 15/32"
900 (6-118"
100 124~7132"
Net weight
Overall dimensions
L x
574 (27~23132"



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  Summary of Contents for Makita 2030S

  • Page 1 3 0 (118") size lmml Fence size 19-1 1/16") 35~7116") 100 124~7132" lmml Overall dimensions 574 (27~23132" 35~7116" 22~19132") MODEL 2030s DOUBLE INSULATION Feed rateimin 5-29132"1 wide 9-7/16"] 10.5 (34.5 wide 12-9/32"] w i d e lmml (mml Stock height 160 15/32"...
  • Page 2 For Your Own Safety Read Instruction Manual Before Operating Planer-Jointer GENERAL SAFETY PRECAUTIONS KNOW YOUR POWER TOOL. Read the owner’s manual carefully. Learn the tools applications and limitations, as well as the specific potential hazards peculiar t o KEEP GUARDS IN PLACE and in working order.
  • Page 3 EXTENSION CORDS. Make sure your extension cord is When using an extension cord, be sure t o use one heavy enough t o carry the current your product will draw. A n undersized cord will cause a drop in line voltage resulting correct size t o use depending on cord length and nameplate ampere rating.
  • Page 4 Never stick your finger into the chip chute. Chute may jam w h e n cutting damp wood. Turn off the planer-jointer and then clean out chips w i t h a stick. Do not touch blades right after operation, they may be extremely hot and could burn your skin.
  • Page 5 FOR AUTO-PLANER Two or more pieces of narrow but similar thickness stock can be passed through the auto-planer side by side. However, allow some spacing between the stock t o permit the feed rollers t o grip the thinnest piece.
  • Page 6 When transporting it by vehicle, secure with a rope or other substantial means to prevent tipping or movement. Positioning the planer-jointer Locate the tool in a well lit and level place where you can maintain good footing and balance.
  • Page 7 AUTO-PLANER FUNCTIONS: Dimensional adjustment Raise the table by turning the crank handle clockwise until the indicator plate points to the scale graduation indicating the de- sired finished dimension. One full turn of the crank handle moves the table 2 mm (3/32")
  • Page 8 This i s especially convenient with two operators. CAUTION Workpieces with the following dimensions cannot be fed into the auto-planer because the interval between the two feed rollers i s 114 mm (4-1/2"). Do not try to cut them. Less than (4-1i2")
  • Page 9 JOINTER FUNCTIONS: Extension support table The extension support table i s convenient for cutting long workpieces. Install it on the outfeed table and semi-tighten the four hex bolts. Extend the legs arms over the screw using the hook Then tighten the screws securely. Adjust the table height using the knobs so that the extension support table i s level with the outfeed table.
  • Page 10 Adjusting the fence angle The fence angle can be adjusted angle from 0’ to 45’. Loosen the clamp screws ( A ) and (B) and pull the fence out slightly. Then tighten the clamp screws (A) and (B). Loosen the hex bolts ( A ) and (B) and tilt the fence according to your work.
  • Page 11 Carefully maintain flush, steady con- tact with the fence while making the cut. REPLACING THE PLANER BLADES Dull blades can cause a rough finish, an overload of the motor and dangerous kickback of the workpiece. Sharpen or replace dull blades immediately. This tool is equipped with either throw-away blades or standard blades.
  • Page 12 The magnetic holder has a different shaped claw on each side. Use the cor- rect claw for auto-planer. Place the two magnetic holders on the set plate and push them in the direction of the arrow until the claw contacts the blade. Remove the eight blade installation bolts using the socket wrench.
  • Page 13 Place the two magnetic holders on the push them until the claw contacts the blade (Note: Use the correct claw for auto-planer. Grip the magnetic holders and slip the heel of the plate into the groove in the drum. Install the blade installation bolts.
  • Page 14 Install the other blade as described above. Rotate the drum slowly while pressing the lock plate to make sure there i s nothing abnormal. Then close the chip cover and secure using the hex bolt. CAUTION : Do not tighten the blade installation bolts without the blade locating lug of the correctly resting in the groove of the blade.
  • Page 15 JOINTER 1. Removing the blades CAUTION Always close the chip cover over the auto-planer before removing the blade. Lower the infeed table fully by turning the depth adjusting knob clockwise. Loosen the hex bolt which secures the safety cover rod and lift off the safety cover.
  • Page 16 Installing the blades Provide a flat wood block approx. 150 mm (5-29/32") long and 100 mm (3-1 5/16") wide. Place the blade and plate on the wood block so that the blade locating lug of the set plate rests in the groove of the blade. Adjust the plate so that both ends of the blade do not protrude from the ends of the plate.
  • Page 17 Lock the drum in the position whereby the blade edge faces upward. Place the triangular rule flat on the outfeed table. Turn the adjusting screws until the blade edge just contacts the triangular rule. After adjusting both adjusting screws, pull the lock pin to unlock the drum.
  • Page 18 Install the other blade position and be sure that the safety cover works properly and briskly. CAUTION : Do not tighten the blade installation bolts without the blade locating lug of the set plate correctly resting in the groove of the blade. This may cause damage to the blade and potential injury to the operator.
  • Page 19 Always be sure that the tool is switched off and unplugged before removing or installing the jointer. The jointer can be easily removed from the auto-planer. You can carry it by yourself. 1. Removing the jointer Loosen the right and left knobs. Pull the...
  • Page 20 Align the two shafts of the jointer with the mating holes in the auto-planer. Push the jointer toward the auto-planer until the frame of the jointer contacts that of the auto- planer.
  • Page 21: Maintenance

    To maintain product SAFETY and RELIABILITY, repairs, any other maintenance and adjustment should be performed by Makita Authorized or Factory Service Centers, always using Makita replacement parts only. Brush holder cap Limit mark Screwdriver...
  • Page 22 ACCESSOR ATTENTION : These accessories or attachments are recommended for use with your Makita tool specified in this manual. The use of any other accessories or attachments might present a risk of injury to persons. The accessories or attachments should be used only in the proper and intended manner.
  • Page 23 M a r - 2 2 - ’ 9 4 (12-9/32”) PLANER-JOINTER Model 2030s...
  • Page 25 Note: The switch and other part configurations may differ from country to country.
  • Page 26 Strain Relief Tapping Screw Flange PT4x12 Tapping Screw Flange PT4x12 Strain Relief Switch Box Cover Name Plate G ~ W nouslng Makita Label Flat Washer 12 Helical Gear Woodruff Key 4 Drive Shaft Flat Washer 1 4 tiouslng C O W...
  • Page 27 20305 MODEL ' y 0 M DESCRIPTION MACHINE Hex Flange Head Bolt M6x17 Foot Base Cover Pan Head Screw M5x16 IWith Washer) Spring Pin Base Cap 2 0 Drum cover Retaining Ring S p r i n g P i n 4 - 1 6 Spring Pin 4 - 3 2 Rod 1 2 - 9 5 Spring 14...
  • Page 28 MAKITA LIMITED O N E YEAR WARRANTY Warranty Poiicy Every Makita tool is thoroughly inspected and tested before leaving the factory. It is warranted to be free of defects from workmanship and materials for the period of ONE YEAR from the date of original purchase.