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Xerox DocuColor 5000 Information Bulletin

Xerox docucolor 5000: release note
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BULLETIN NUMBER: 5000(16)/8000(41)/8000AP(3)
Announcement of 32/64 bit Microsoft Vista printer driver software limitations for
EXP50 v2.0, EXP8000 v3.0 and EX8000AP v1.0 Print Servers
DATE: October 30, 2007
Customer: X
Analyst: X
This bulletin announces the following software limitations that were found with the 32/64 bit Vista drivers for the
EXP50 v2.0, EXP8000 v3.0 and EX8000AP:
Note: All of these drivers are intended to be used only on customer's client machines as none of these DFE's use
Vista for their Operating System.
32-Bit and 64-Bit Vista Driver Problems:
EXP50 v2.0, EXP8000 v3.0 and EX8000AP:
When selecting "Saddle" printing in Booklet Maker for PDF files, the job will error out on the DFE with an internal
Workaround: Send the PDF file to the server without setting the "Saddle" option, and then on the server use the
Booklet Maker to select the "Saddle" option.
EXP50 v2.0 only:
The "N-up layout" feature is not functional.
Workaround: Send the job to the server without using this "N-up layout" feature, and then use the Impose
feature to accomplish the desired layout.
The Job Monitor "Printer Status" function will not show the amount of black (K) toner currently in the DC5000
Workaround: Check the black (K) toner amount on the actual IOT.
EXP8000 v3.0 only:
If drivers are downloaded from the server over the network, they will not contain the 2400dpi drivers.
Workaround: Use the files located on the User Software DVD as they will contain the 2400dpi drivers.
EX8000AP v1.0 for 32-Bit Vista Driver only:
If the 32-Bit Vista Driver is the only driver loaded on a client, the Job Monitor feature for the driver will not work.
Also, if other drivers are already loaded on the client and then this driver is loaded on top of them, Job Monitor will
not function for any drivers.
Workaround: Load the 32-Bit Vista Driver first on the client and then load the other drivers on top of the vista
driver. Job Monitor will then work on all drivers.
EX8000AP v1.0 for 64-Bit Vista Driver only:
The Job Monitor feature will not work if the 64-Bit Vista Driver is loaded with any other print driver.
Workaround: Load only the 64-Bit Vista Driver.
This bulletin is posted on and can be found using the following path:
Support & Drivers
1. Select Product Type – Select Color Printers
2. Select Product Family – Select DocuColor
3. Select Model – Scroll to either DocuColor 5000, DocuColor 7000/8000, or DocuColor 8000AP, and select
Documentation for the EFI DFE
************THIS IS THE END OF THE BULLETIN************
**Bulletins may be viewed at the Color Operations internal Web site:
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