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Metallic dry inks design guide
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Metallic Dry Inks Design Guide



  Summary of Contents for Xerox Color 1000i

  • Page 1 Xerox Color 800i/1000i Presses ® Xerox Metallic Dry Inks Design Guide ®...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents 3 Add sparkle and shine with Xerox Metallic Dry Inks. ® 5 Add value, not cost. 7 Highlight key elements. 8 Draw attention to variable content. 11 Create eye-catching dimension. 12 Creating your files. 20 Digital Front End (DFE) and workflow.
  • Page 3: Add Sparkle And Shine With Xerox Metallic Dry Inks

    Add sparkle and shine with Xerox Metallic Dry Inks. ® Xerox has created a new benchmark for metallic digital effects with stunning yet cost-effective Metallic Dry Inks, now offered in Silver and Gold. These aren’t just Pantone simulations. Our carefully ®...
  • Page 4 Whether you need a few or many, produce digital metallic effects without the cost-per-page or concerns associated with custom foil stamp dyes and time-consuming offset methods.
  • Page 5: Add Value, Not Cost

    Add value, not cost. Other options for adding metallic effects can’t compare with the ease of designing and producing brilliant prints with Metallic Dry Inks on the Xerox Color ® 800i/1000i Presses. The process is simple, and the increased value of your finished prints will certainly impact your business.
  • Page 7: Highlight Key Elements

    Highlight key elements. Integrating Metallic Dry Inks with your design is simple using the steps outlined in this guide. You can also draw attention to specific areas of an image or document by applying spot treatments. Consider Metallic Dry Inks for: • Incorporating a customer’s logo and graphics that have Silver or Gold in their brand.
  • Page 8: Draw Attention To Variable Content

    Draw attention to variable content. Static and variable text alike takes on a premium look when treated with Metallic Dry Inks. Reach loyal customers or create special announcements with a personalized touch that simply cannot be done with non-digital metallic effects. Hi Sarah, As a sincere thank you for the trust you place in Kiwi Air, we have upgraded your frequent flier status to PLATINUM.
  • Page 11: Create Eye-Catching Dimension

    Create eye-catching dimension. Multi-Pass applications of Metallic Dry Inks take the stunning visual effects to the next level. Operators can add up to two layers in an efficient workflow to create the look of a raised seal or enable an important element to pop right off the page.
  • Page 12: Creating Your Files

    Creating your files. Setting up your Adobe ® Add a new color in the swatches InDesign file for printing ® pallet and name it. We suggest using PMS 877C for Silver or with Metallic Dry Ink PMS 871C for Gold. The name is case-sensitive and should be In InDesign , add a new layer in the...
  • Page 13 Creating masks for spot or flood b. If the metallic element is sitting on top of a photograph effects in InDesign ® or field of color and you want that background to show Draw a shape or select text that through (and potentially dull will have the Metallic Dry Ink the appearance of your metallic...
  • Page 14: Adobe Illustrator

    Creating your files. Add a new color in the swatches Creating graphics with a. If the metallic element is pallet and name it. We suggest sitting on top of a photograph Adobe Illustrator ® ® using PMS 877C for Silver or or field of color and you want Vector graphics that are created PMS 871C for Gold.
  • Page 15 Tinted effects in To add a tint, select Window > Place or create a vector graphic on Adobe InDesign ® ® the metallic layer. Effects and adjust the opacity as desired. A tinted effect is created by layering two Apply a color (Silver or Gold) to it. identical objects on top of each other.
  • Page 16: Adobe Photoshop

    Creating your files. Creating raster effects with Convert to duotone > Image/ Save as a new file and name it. Adobe Photoshop ® ® Mode/Duotone. Example: filename_Metallic.psd. a. Select “Monotone.” There are several ways of creating masks Mask out any area you do not want with gradient fills, patterns, or soft faded b.
  • Page 17 Creating a spot or alpha channel Select your path, feather the edge, Save as PSD or TIFF with spot use the eraser or gradient fill tool, etc. color included. Open the image to apply Metallic Dry Ink in Photoshop ® Create a new layer and fill your Place into InDesign on the...
  • Page 18 Creating your files. Pulling it all together in Relink the file to your raster file From the main menu, select: File > Adobe InDesign ® ® “filename_Metallic.psd”. Adobe PDF Presets > Press Quality, and click Save. Now that you have created your raster With your graphic still selected, mask for metallic, you are ready to put go to Window >...
  • Page 19 If you mouse over metallic areas, feature. You should have only Silver or Gold elements remaining, and Click on Save Preset and name it. We the percentage should change. suggest Xerox Digital Press Metallic. they should be in the same position ® Designing for as the original file.
  • Page 20: Digital Front End (Dfe) And Workflow

    Print Server Before printing any jobs, be sure that ® ® Specialty Dry Inks have been enabled. your file at each print server When using Xerox FreeFlow Print Server, ® ® it is important that Metallic Dry Ink jobs varies based on how the...
  • Page 21 Note: Only the enabled Specialty Note: Spot color mapping allows Dry Ink colors will appear in the one file to be printed in any of the Spot Colorant list. Specialty Dry Ink colors without altering the original file. Printing predefined files Mapping the fifth color This feature is useful for designing a file once with a generic spot color name,...
  • Page 22 If the job has been designed such that it Dry Ink to all graphics, spot colors, or is predefined with a fifth color and named When using the Xerox EX-P 1000i Print ® text. Note that full page flood and image...
  • Page 23 Note: Files designed to be printed with one Specialty Dry Ink can be treated with any Specialty Dry Ink by adding a new spot color. Indicate whether the selection Right-click on the uploaded file Go to Properties and set up the job. and choose Preflight.
  • Page 24: And Workflow

    Digital Front End (DFE) and workflow. Note: Preview application of metallic tints and effects without changing the source file. Using the Fiery Image You then need to select Type (for Go to Properties and set up the job. Enhance Visual Editor the type of Specialty Dry Ink you Choose the Specialty Colors want to use (Clear, Silver, or Gold).
  • Page 25 PDF that isolates the desired metallic objects. is a manual process. Right click the duplicate job and open ImageViewer. Preparing to print with Xerox EX-P ® 1000i Print Server Powered by Fiery Under Separations, uncheck ®...
  • Page 26: And Workflow

    Digital Front End (DFE) and workflow. The completed prints will have both files Printing multiple layers of Upload the additional file Metallic Dry Inks printed on one sheet, resulting in two containing only the isolated layers of Metallic Dry Inks on the areas metallic objects and print.
  • Page 27: Troubleshooting And Tips

    Troubleshooting and tips. Knockout 35% Black 100% Silver 60% tint 60% tint 40% tint Overprint • Be careful with competing colors. • For raster images imported from • If some areas print correctly but other Colors too close to Silver or Gold Photoshop , make sure the correct parts have knocked out, make sure the ®...
  • Page 28: Faqs

    Dry Ink recyclable? The substrate capabilities are the same Gold and Silver? Yes. Pages printed with Metallic Dry Inks as your Xerox Color 800i/1000i Presses’ ® Yes. By altering the color underneath are easily recycled.
  • Page 29 “Multiply” that layer with color and Pantone 871C for Gold. Metallic Dry Inks do not impact the artwork on a layer below, and produce impressive speed and performance of a layered, print resolution PDF. the Xerox Color 800i/1000i Presses. ®...
  • Page 30 Printed on a Xerox Color 800i/1000i Press on Xerox Digitally Optimized Paper. ® ® ©2015 Xerox Corporation. All rights reserved. Xerox® and Xerox and Design® are trademarks of Xerox Corporation in the United States and/or other countries. 03/15 BR13792 PSGGL-02UA...

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