Sony SRG-300H Operating Instructions Manual

Sony SRG-300H Operating Instructions Manual

Hd color video camera
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4-537-921-11 (2)
HD Color
Video Camera
Operating Instructions
Before operating the unit, please read this manual thoroughly
and retain it for future reference.
© 2014 Sony Corporation



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  • Page 1 4-537-921-11 (2) HD Color Video Camera Operating Instructions Before operating the unit, please read this manual thoroughly and retain it for future reference. SRG-300H © 2014 Sony Corporation...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents Storing the Camera Settings in Memory Overview — the Presetting Feature ....26 Features ..........3 Installation and Connection Camera and Supplied Accessories ..3 System Configuration ......5 Installing the Camera....... 28 Location and Functions of Parts and Installing the Camera on a Controls ..........
  • Page 3: Overview

    Overview Features Camera and Supplied • The 1/2.8 type Exmor CMOS camera Accessories (utilising approximately 2 million valid pixels) allows for high-definition shooting with superior picture quality. When you unpack, check that all the • Adopts 30 times optical magnification, supplied accessories are included.
  • Page 4 Ceiling bracket (A) (1) VISCA RS-422 connector plug (1) Operating Instructions (CD-ROM) (1) Optional Products Ceiling bracket (B) (1) RM-IP10 IP Remote Controller Wire rope (1) Operate up to 112 cameras that are compatible with IP connection using the LAN connection. Up to five RM-IP10 IP remote controllers can be installed to the same system.
  • Page 5: System Configuration

    System Configuration The SRG-300H HD Color Video Camera has various system configuration capabilities using optional products. This section describes three typical system examples with the required components and the main usage of each system. Operating a SRG-300H Camera Using the Supplied Infrared Remote...
  • Page 6 RM-IP10 IP Remote Controller Video signal Remote Control (VISCA) signal Signal flow Note Select the MODE selector of RM-IP10 to position 0 (automatically selected) when using a combination of SRG-300H and RM-IP10. For details, refer to the Operating Instructions of RM-IP10. System Configuration...
  • Page 7 Operating Multiple SRG-300H Cameras Using Multiple IP Remote Controllers System configuration • You can connect up to 112 cameras and five IP remote controllers. • The joystick of the IP remote controller allows comfortable pan/tilt and zoom operations. System configuration...
  • Page 8: Location And Functions Of Parts And Controls

    D STANDBY lamp Location and The orange lamp lights when the camera is turned off using the infrared remote Functions of Parts commander. and Controls Rear Camera Front E Infrared remote commander A Lens sensors This is a 30-magnification optical zoom These are sensors for the supplied lens.
  • Page 9 O Reset switch Use the supplied VISCA RS-422 connector plug. The reset switch is available only when LAN is set. If you press this switch with H SYSTEM SELECT switch a pointed tip for about five seconds, the Used for selecting the video format of camera will reboot and the IP settings the signal to be output from the HDMI will return to the factory default.
  • Page 10 For detailed information, refer to the Switch Video format Technical Manual of the camera. For details position on obtaining a Technical Manual, consult 1920×1080p/59.94 your Sony dealer. No output Setting of the BOTTOM switches 1920×1080p/29.97 59.94 Hz system 1920×1080i/59.94 1280×720p/59.94 1280×720p/29.97...
  • Page 11: Infrared Remote Commander

    A VISCA/LAN switch Infrared Remote Commander Select the control setting. (supplied) Set to ON to use the LAN connection and set to OFF to use the VISCA CONTROL (serial control). B RS-232/RS-422 select switch (when using the serial connection) Set to RS-422 to operate color video camera using the VISCA command via the RS-422 interface.
  • Page 12 G BACK LIGHT button Note Press this button to enable the backlight Press the MANUAL button and adjust compensation. Press it again to disable the focus manually when shooting the the backlight compensation. following objects. H POSITION buttons • White walls and other objects without contrast Hold down the PRESET button and press •...
  • Page 13 CAUTION Danger of explosion if battery is incorrectly replaced. Replace only with the same or equivalent type recommended by the manufacturer. When you dispose of the battery, you must obey the law in the relative area or country. Installing batteries Two R6 (size AA) batteries are supplied for Infrared Remote Commander.
  • Page 14: Adjusting And Setting With Menus

    Adjusting and Setting with Menus About On-Screen Setting Menus Menus The setting menu selected on the main menu is displayed. You can change various settings, such as shooting conditions and system setup of the camera, while observing menus displayed on a connected monitor. This section explains how to read the on- screen menus before starting menu operations.
  • Page 15: Control Button Display

    VISCA command list, refer to the Technical Manual of the camera. For details on obtaining a Technical Manual, consult your Sony dealer. a Indicates that you can select a menu item by V or v button on the infrared remote commander.
  • Page 16: Exposure Menu

    SPEED: Select the electronic shutter speed EXPOSURE Menu from among the following: For the 59.94/29.97 video format: The EXPOSURE menu is used to set the 1/1, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/15, 1/30, items related to the exposure. 1/60, 1/90, 1/100, 1/125, 1/180, 1/250, 1/350, 1/500, 1/725, 1/1000, 1/1500, 1/2000, 1/3000, 1/4000, 1/6000, 1/10000 sec.
  • Page 17: White Balance Menu

    EX-COMP (exposure compensation) WHITE BALANCE When MODE is set to one of FULL AUTO, SHUTTER PRI or IRIS PRI, set this item to Menu ON to enable exposure compensation. When you set EX-COMP to ON, LEVEL appears and you can select the exposure The WHITE BALANCE menu is used to compensation level from among the select the white balance mode.
  • Page 18: Picture Menu

    image to stabilize after turning on the PICTURE Menu power of the camera. • Depending on the installation conditions, the image stabilizer may not be effective. The PICTURE menu is used to set the items • When the image stabilizer function is related to the picture.
  • Page 19: Pan Tilt Zoom Menu

    Setting the range of LEFT/RIGHT PAN TILT ZOOM movement Menu (IMAGE FLIP : OFF) CENTER (0°) – The PAN TILT ZOOM menu is used to 170° +170° select the pan/tilt/zoom mode. PAN/TILT LIMIT When you set PAN/TILT LIMIT to ON, you can select the limit of pan/tilt operation.
  • Page 20: System Menu

    PAN/TILT SLOW mode SYSTEM Menu When you set this function to ON, the PAN/ TILT operation becomes slow. This makes it easier for the camera to capture a slow moving subject. D-ZOOM (digital zoom) You can set digital zoom to ON or OFF. When set to OFF, digital zoom does not operate, and only optical zoom is available.
  • Page 21: Status Menu

    Message Remote control STATUS Menu operation RESET n: OK You have reset the “n” is a preset camera settings stored The STATUS menu is used to display the position number of in POSITION 1 to 6 to settings selected with the menus. the infrared remote the default settings.
  • Page 22: Operation Using The Supplied Infrared Remote Commander

    AC outlet For detailed information on how to check, refer to the Technical Manual. For details on obtaining a Technical Manual, consult your Sony dealer. POWER lights. Connect the camera to an AC outlet using the supplied AC power adaptor and power cord.
  • Page 23: Pan/Tilt And Zoom Operation

    Turn on the peripheral devices. Pan/Tilt and Zoom To turn on/off the camera using the Operation infrared remote commander As long as the camera is connected to an AC outlet, you can turn the camera on or off with the POWER switch on the infrared remote Panning and Tilting commander.
  • Page 24: Zooming

    To face the camera toward the When the STANDBY lamp is blinking opposite direction You might wish to face the camera toward the opposite direction from that of the button you pressed, for example, when you change the direction of the camera while checking the picture on the screen.
  • Page 25: Operating Multiple Cameras With

    Operating Multiple Cameras Adjusting the with the Infrared Remote Camera Commander Set the IR SELECT switch on the rear of the camera you want to operate to 1, 2 or 3. Press the CAMERA SELECT button on the infrared remote commander that corresponds to the number set in step 1.
  • Page 26: Shooting With Back Lighting

    Shooting with Back Lighting Storing the Camera When you shoot a subject with a light source Settings in Memory behind it, the subject becomes dark. In such — the Presetting a case, press the BACK LIGHT button. To cancel the function, press the BACK Feature LIGHT button again.
  • Page 27 up, store or cancel the settings in another POSITION. • When the menu is displayed on the screen, you cannot perform the operation for Press a POSITION storing, recalling, or cancelling the setting. button. Be sure to return to the normal display While holding before starting these operations.
  • Page 28: Installation And Connection

    Installation and Connection Installing the Attaching the Camera to a Tripod Camera Attach a tripod to the screw hole used for attaching a tripod on the bottom of the camera. Installing the Camera on a The tripod must be set up on a flat surface Desk and its screws tightened firmly by hand.
  • Page 29: Installing The Unit On The Ceiling

    Installation Installing the unit on the ceiling Set the IMAGE FLIP switch on the Using the ceiling bracket, wire rope, and rear panel to ON. retaining screws supplied, you can utilize existing junction boxes, etc., to attach the Notes camera to the ceiling. •...
  • Page 30 If the wire cannot be attached to the Attach the ceiling bracket (B) to the junction box, attach to the position junction box on the ceiling. on the ceiling bracket (B) in the Align the holes in the bracket with those illustration.
  • Page 31 Attach the ceiling bracket (A) to the Insert the protrusions raised on the bottom of the camera using the 3 ceiling bracket (A) into the spaces × screws (M 3 8) supplied. prepared in the ceiling bracket (B), and temporarily attach them by Align the screw holes on the bottom of pushing the ceiling bracket (A) to the the camera with those in the ceiling...
  • Page 32: Connections

    Connecting to an AC Outlet Ceiling Use the supplied AC power adaptor and AC power cord to connect the camera to an AC outlet. SRG-300H Notes to AC • Take the proper steps to ensure that the outlet load of the cables connected does not DC 12 V cause problems.
  • Page 33: Connecting A Computer

    RS-232 Connections malfunction. Cannot be used in the LAN SRG-300H connection. To obtain a cable, consult your Sony dealer. For detailed information on how to connect the camera and the VISCA command list, refer to the Technical Manual of the camera.
  • Page 34: Lan Connection

    BOTTOM switch of the BOTTOM switch on the bottom of the IP camera is set for LAN connection remote controller are set to RS-232. (page 10). • Dedicated application software is needed. For details about the application software, consult your Sony dealer. Connections...
  • Page 35: Lan Connection

    VISCA RS-232 connectors. Use of the VISCA RS-422 connectors allows the connection up to SRG-300H 1,200 m (3,937 feet) away. Prepare the connecting cable using the RS- 422 connector plugs that come with the camera and the IP remote controller.
  • Page 36: Connecting A Video Monitor, Etc

    • Depending on the performance capabilities of the HDMI cable, some picture noise may occur. For the HDMI cable, a Sony high-speed cable is recommended. • If the volume of the monitor is set to maximum, a sound may emit for a moment when activated, depending on the product.
  • Page 37: Appendix

    Appendix Message List The following messages and indications may appear for this camera. Perform the following as necessary. Lamp display Lamp Meaning and solution The STANDBY lamp and The SYSTEM SELECT switch is set to “no output” (page 10). POWER lamp are lit. The STANDBY lamp is lit.
  • Page 38: Troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting Before bringing in your camera for service, check the following as a guide to troubleshooting the problem. If the problem cannot be corrected, consult your Sony dealer. Symptom Cause Remedy The power of the camera is The AC power adaptor is not Insert the power cord firmly as not turned on.
  • Page 39 Symptom Cause Remedy LAN communication is not The computer is not correctly Make sure the connection available with a computer connected to the camera. between the computer and connected to the camera. camera is made correctly. Check that the VISCA/LAN switch (BOTTOM switch) is set to ON (page 10).
  • Page 40: Menu Configuration

    Menu Configuration The menus of the camera are configured as described below. For more details, refer to the pages in parentheses. The initial settings of each item are in bold. (See page 16.) Menu Configuration...
  • Page 41 (See page 17.) (See page 18.) (See page 19.) (See page 20.) Menu Configuration...
  • Page 42 (See page 21.) Menu Configuration...
  • Page 43: Preset Items

    Preset Items The following items set by using the infrared remote commander and menu items can be stored in the memory of the camera. Items adjusted with the infrared remote commander Preset item Preset position number 2 to 16 Pan/Tilt Position Zoom Position Focus Mode Auto/Manual Focus Position...
  • Page 44 For detailed information on the VISCA command list, refer to the Technical Manual of the camera. For details on obtaining a Technical Manual, consult your Sony dealer. The setting of preset numbers 1 to 16 are available for VISCA CONTROL and LAN connection.
  • Page 45: Specifications

    Input/output connectors Specifications HDMI (HDMI connector) Control input/output VISCA IN: Mini DIN 8-pin type, System RS-232 Video signal 1920×1080p/59.94 VISCA OUT: Mini DIN 8-pin 1920×1080p/29.97 type, RS-232 1920×1080i/59.94 VISCA RS-422: 9-pin 1280×720p/59.94 LAN connector: RJ-45 (8-pin), 1280×720p/29.97 10BASE-T/100BASE-TX auto 1920×1080p/50 discrimination 1920×1080p/25 Power connector...
  • Page 46 Dimensions Back Front Side 157 (6 3/16) 72 (2 53/64) 163 (6 27/64) Bottom 1/4-20UNC, depth7 42 (1 21/32) 42 (1 21/32) Tripod screw hole 29.5 (1 5/32) Ø 5, depth5 64 (2 33/64) 64 (2 33/64) 4-Ø 8 (A) 63.5 (2 1/2) 63.5 (2 1/2) (Leg) Unit: mm (inches)
  • Page 47: Using The Visca Rs-422 Connector Pin Assignments

    Pin assignments Using the VISCA RS-422 connector pin assignments VISCA IN connector (mini-DIN 8-pin, female) The VISCA RS-422 connector pin assignments 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 VISCA RS-422 Pin No. Function Pin No. Function DTR IN TXD IN+ DSR IN TXD IN–...
  • Page 48: License

    Insert the VISCA RS-422 connector License plug into the VISCA RS-422 connector on the rear of the camera. This software partially supports component uIP. Therefore the following license conditions apply. Copyright (c) 2001-2006, Adam Dunkels and the Swedish Institute of Computer Science All rights reserved.
  • Page 49 Sony Corporation...