For Best Results - Kenmore 417-6171 Series Use & Care Manual

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Washer Operating Instructions
Washing Cycle Settings
Wash/Rinse Temperature
Turn the Temp knob until the desired wash water tempera-
ture is selected. Select a wash water temperature accord-
ing to fi ber content, colorfastness and soil level. To protect
your fabrics, the temperature range of cold to hot settings
may be diff erent depending on cycle selected.

For best results

Follow the fabric care label instructions
on items to be washed.
The water heater setting and its distance from the washer,
water usage in other parts of the home, and seasonally low
ground water temperature in some geographic areas can
aff ect water temperature.
Use this setting for heavily soiled colorfast fabrics such
as towels, bedding, and children's clothing.
Use this setting for normally soiled white or colorfast cot-
tons and blends.
Cool (on select models)
Use this setting for normally soiled sheets, casual items
and washable woolens.
Some warm water will automatically blend with cold tap
supply to achieve a precise Auto Temp Cold. Use this set-
ting for lightly soiled non-colorfast items, knits, delicates,
and hand washables.
Tap Cold (on select models)
Wash and rinse temperatures are equivalent to tem-
perature of cold tap supply. Use this selection for lightly
soiled non-colorfast items, knits, delicates, and hand
washables and other fabrics and colors that are prone to
dye transfer. For use with cold water
Rinse Level (on select models)
Turn the Rinse Level knob to choose the amount of water
used during the rinse portion of the cycle. To maximize the
effi ciency of the cycle use the Auto setting.
Medium and High settings are recommended for heavily
soiled loads to remove excess dirt and detergent or if
household members have sensitive skin.
Fabric Softener (on select models)
If you wish to use fabric softener on your load, be sure
the fabric softener switch is turned to 'On'. See Care and
Cleaning for dispenser cleaning procedures.
Use of the Fabric Softener option consumes more water
and will aff ect total water effi ciency of the cycle.
Energy Saver (on select models)
The Energy Saver option reduces water temperature a few
degrees to save energy, lowers water usage slightly and
also extracts more water to reduce drying time.

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