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Washer Operating Instructions
Washing Procedures, continued
6 Add laundry load to washer.
• Add items one at a time, each tightly bunched into its
own "ball" to allow benefi cial item interaction. Avoid
loading items in a fl at, laid-out fashion.
• For best washing performance, dry load level should
not be higher than the upper row of holes in the wash
tub. Do not overload the washer.
• Combine large and small items in a load. Load small
items fi rst. Large items should not be more than half
the total wash load.
• When washing a single heavy item, add 1 or 2 towels
to balance the load.
7 If desired, add liquid fabric softener to fabric
softener dispenser (available on some models).
For models with built-in dispenser:
• Add liquid softener to the dispenser, following fabric
softener label directions. DO NOT use granular de-
tergent in this dispenser.
• DO NOT fi ll above the maximum fi ll line.
• Turn fabric softener option on.
• Do not use bleach in this dispenser.
For models without a built-in fabric softener dispenser:
• Follow fabric softener label directions.
• Add diluted fabric softener to the fi nal rinse. You
may use a fabric softener dispensing ball.
Other Wash Products
• Water conditioner, detergent booster and enzyme
products may be added with the detergent.
8 Select the appropriate cycle and settings for
the load.
To prevent staining, do not overfi ll the "FABRIC
SOFTENER" chamber or pour liquid fabric softener
directly on the wash load.
• See Washer Operating Instructions on following
Use of multi-product (detergent plus softener) sheets or
color-absorbing sheets NOT recommended. They could
disable your machine and result in unwarranted repair
9 Start the washer.
• Close the washer lid. The washer will not operate
with the lid open.
• Push in or turn the cycle selector knob or turn any
option knob to "wake" the washer. You will hear
three short beeps to indicate washer is ready to
• After making your selections, push in the selector
knob to start the cycle. You will one hear short beep
and the washer lid will lock.
• The washer will perform a dry load sensing proce-
dure before adding water to the tub.
• To pause a running cycle, push in the cycle selector
• To add a forgotten item to the wash tub, push in the
cycle selector knob to pause the cycle as above. You
will hear two beeps. After the lock releases, lift the
lid and add the item. Close the lid and push in the
selector knob again, continuing the current cycle.
If a running cycle is paused, washing performance may
diff er.
• To cancel a running cycle, push in and hold the cycle
selector until the washer discontinues running. You
may have to perform a drain cycle to remove water
left in the tub.

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