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Washing Procedures; For Best Results - Kenmore 417-6171 Series Use & Care Manual

Laundry center
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Washing Procedures

To reduce the risk of fi re, electric shock or injury to
in this Use and Care Guide before operating your washer.
1 Sort laundry into loads
that can be washed
• Sort items
by recommended
cycle and water temperature.
• Separate white, light and colorfast items from dark
and non-colorfast items.
• Separate items that shed lint from items that attract
lint. Casual, synthetic, knit, and corduroy items will
pick up lint from towels, rugs, and bedspreads.
• Separate heavily soiled items from lightly soiled
• Separate lacy, sheer, loosely knit, or delicate items
from durable items.
• Do not machine wash items containing fi berglass.
Small particles of fi berglass left in the drum may
transfer to fabrics in other loads and cause skin ir-
ritation and/or damage to fabrics.
2 Prepare items for washing.
• Empty pockets.
• Brush off lint and dirt. Shake out rugs and beach
• Close zippers, fasten hooks, button buttons, tie strings
and sashes, and remove non-washable trims and
• Mend rips and tears to prevent further damage dur-
ing washing.
• Turn knit items inside out to prevent pilling.
Washer Operating Instructions
• Place delicate and small items such as bras, ho-
siery and baby socks in a mesh
3 Pretreat stains and heavy soil.
• See Stain Removal Guide in this
guide for safe,
successful stain re-
moval instructions.
4 Add a measured
amount of detergent
to the wash tub before
adding the laundry load.

For best results

Use a low-sudsing, high effi ciency detergent
to prevent oversudsing. Look for this symbol
on the detergent label:
• Follow detergent manufacturer's directions. The amount
required depends on type of detergent, load size and
soil level, and water hardness.
5 If desired, add liquid bleach to bleach dispenser.
• Before adding the wash load, add liquid bleach to
bleach dispenser located in left front corner under the
• Refer to bleach manufacturer's directions for quantity
to add.
• Then add 1 cup (240 ml) water to fl ush the dispenser.
• Do not use powdered bleach in the bleach dispenser.
Add powdered bleach to the empty tub.
(Mesh bag not included.)

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