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Calculation Mode - Casio fx-82EX User Manual

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The keypad has been shifted by pressing the  key. The
keypad will unshift and this indicator will disappear when you
press a key.
The alpha input mode has been entered by pressing the 
key. The alpha input mode will be exited and this indicator
will disappear when you press a key.
Indicates the current setting of Angle Unit (: Degree, :
Radian, or : Gradian) on the setup menu.
A fixed number of decimal places is in effect.
A fixed number of significant digits is in effect.
There is a value stored in independent memory.
The calculator is standing by for input of a variable name to
assign a value to the variable. This indicator appears after
you press .
Indicates that MathI/MathO or MathI/DecimalO is selected for
Input/Output on the setup menu.
The display currently shows an intermediate result of a multi-
statement calculation.
This indicator is displayed while the calculator is being
powered directly by its solar cells, either entirely or in some
combination with the battery. (fx-85EX only)
Using Menus
Some of the operations of this calculator are performed using menus.
Menus are displayed by pressing  or  and then (SETUP).
General menu operation operations are described below.
• You can select a menu item by pressing the number key that
corresponds to the number to its left on the menu screen.
• A vertical scroll bar (1) indicates that the menu runs off the screen. In this
case, you can use  and  to scroll the menu up and down. A left
arrow (2) indicates that the currently displayed menu is a sub-menu. To
return from a sub-menu to its parent menu, press .
• To close a menu without selecting anything, press .

Calculation Mode

Specify the calculation mode that is suitable for the type of calculation you
want to perform.
1. Press  to display the Main Menu.
2. Use the cursor keys to move the
highlighting to the icon you want.
For this:
Select this icon:

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Table of Contents

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