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Getting Started - Casio fx-82EX User Manual

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Getting Started

Before using the calculator, slide its hard case
downwards to remove it, and then affix the hard
case to the back of the calculator as shown in the
illustration nearby.
Turning Power On and Off
Press  to turn on the calculator. Press
(OFF) to turn off the calculator.
Note: The calculator also will turn off automatically after approximately 10
minutes of non-use. Press the  key to turn the calculator back on.
Adjusting Display Contrast
Display the Contrast screen by performing the key operation below:
(SETUP)(Contrast). Next, use  and  to adjust contrast.
After the setting is the way you want, press .
Important: If adjusting display contrast does not improve display
readability, it probably means that battery power is low. Replace the battery.
Key Markings
Pressing the  or  key followed by a second key
performs the alternate function of the second key. The alternate
function is indicated by the text printed above the key.
This color:
Reading the Display
• If a  or  indicator appears on the right side of either the input
expression line or calculation result line, it means the displayed line
continues to the right. Use  and  to scroll the line display. Note that
if you want to scroll the input expression while both the  and 
indicators are displayed, you will need to press  first and then use 
and  to scroll.
• The table below describes some of the typical indicators that appear at
the top of the screen.
(1) Keycap function (2) Alternate function
Means this:
Press  and then the key to access the
applicable function.
Press  and then the key to input the
applicable variable, constant, function, or

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Table of Contents

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