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Frequently Asked Questions - Casio fx-82EX User Manual

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Approximate Weight:
fx-82/350EX: 100 g (3.5 oz) including the battery
fx-85EX: 90 g (3.2 oz) including the battery
■■ Frequently Asked Questions ■■
How can I change a fraction form result produced by a division
operation to decimal form?
→ While a fraction calculation result is displayed, press . To have
calculation results initially appear as decimal values, change the setup
menu Input/Output setting to MathI/DecimalO.
What is the difference between Ans memory, independent memory, and
variable memory?
→ Each of these types of memory acts like "containers" for temporary
storage of a single value.
Ans Memory: Stores the result of the last calculation performed. Use
this memory to carry the result of one calculation on to the next.
Independent Memory: Use this memory to totalize the results of
multiple calculations.
Variables: This memory is helpful when you need to uses the same
value multiple times in one or more calculations.
What is the key operation to take me from the Statistics Mode or Table
Mode to a mode where I can perform arithmetic calculations?
→ Press (Calculate).
How can I return the calculator to its initial default settings?
→ Perform the following operation to initialize calculator settings (except
the Contrast setting): (RESET)(Setup Data)(Yes).
When I execute a function calculation, why do I get a calculation result
that is completely different from older CASIO calculator models?
→ With a Natural Textbook Display model, the argument of a function that
uses parentheses must be followed by a closing parenthesis. Failing to
press  after the argument to close the parentheses may cause
unwanted values or expressions to be included as part of the
Example: (sin 30) + 15 (Angle Unit: Degree)
Older (S-V.P.A.M.) Model:
Natural Textbook Display Model:
Failure to press  here as shown below will result in calculation of sin
3015 
3015 0.7071067812

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Table of Contents

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