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Maintenance - Black & Decker BPSC1607 Original Instructions Manual

Tilt saw
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Tilt saw forward and rest front of the shoe on material to
be cut. Align so that cut will begin at the back of the
drawn rectangle shown in Fig. K.
Using the retracting lever, retract blade guard to an
upward position, with the blade just clearing the material,
start motor and gradually lower the saw into the material.
Warning! As blade starts cutting the material,
release the retracting lever immediately.
Never tie the blade guard in a raised position.
When the shoe rests flat on the material being cut,
complete the cut in forward direction.
Allow the blade to come to a complete stop before lifting
saw from material.
When starting each new cut, repeat the above steps.
Wrench Storage (Fig. L)
The spanner wrench (8) can be stored on the saw shoe as
shown in Fig. L.
Attaching and Removing the Rip Fence (Fig. M)
The rip fence is used to saw in a straight line parallel to the
edge of the working piece.
Loosen the locking knob (17).
Insert the rip fence (18) through the openings (19).
Slide the rip fence into the desired position.
Tighten the locking know.
Loosen the locking know.
Pull the rip fence out of the tool.
Note: If you do not have a proper fitting fence, use a straight
edge guide in contact with the edge of the shoe to improve
accuracy of cut and reduce the possibility of binding and
The performance of your tool depends on the accessory
used. Black & Decker and Piranha accessories are
engineered to high quality standards and designed to
enhance the performance of your tool. By using these
accessories you will get the very best from your tool.
Warning! The use of any accessory not
recommended for use with this tool could be
hazardous. Use only 7-1/4 " (184mm) blades with
5/8" diameter arbor.
Exception: 7" (175mm) abrasive blades can be used. When
cutting metal, be careful of hot sparks which are thrown by
the blade.


Your tool has been designed to operate over a long period of
time with a minimum of maintenance. Continuous satisfactory
operation depends upon proper tool care and regular
Warning! Before performing any maintenance,
switch off and unplug the tool.
Regularly clean the ventilation slots in your tool using a
soft brush or dry cloth.
Regularly clean the motor housing using a damp cloth.
Do not use any abrasive or solvent-based cleaner.
Important! To assure product Safety and
Reliability, repairs, maintenance and
adjustment (other than those listed in this
manual) should be performed by authorized service centers
or other qualified service personnel, always using identical
replacement parts.
Black & Decker tools are properly lubricated at the factoryand
are ready for use.


Table of Contents

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