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Cleaning The Device; Ce Marking; Power Management - Fujitsu P27T-7 Operating Manual

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Cleaning the device

Switch off the device and unplug the power plug.
Do not clean any interior parts yourself, leave this job to a service technician.
Do not use any cleaning agents that contain abrasives or may corrode plastic.
Ensure that no liquid enters the device.
The display surface of the device is sensitive to pressure and scratches. Clean
it only using a soft, slightly moistened cloth.
The surface of the casing can be cleaned with a dry cloth. If particularly dirty, use a cloth that
has been moistened in mild domestic detergent and then carefully wrung out.

CE marking

The shipped version of this device complies with the requirements of European Union
directives 2004/108/EC "Electromagnetic compatibility", 2006/95/EC "Low voltage directive" and
2009/125/EC "Ecodesign Directive".

Power management

The Fujitsu LCD monitor is equipped with a power management system which reduces the
power draw in 0 W energy saving mode to less than 0 W (for VGA and DVI).
Important notes

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