Installation - Bosch PAVIRO PVA-2P500 Operation Manual

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This device has been designed to be installed horizontally in a conventional 19" rack cabinet.
In general, an installation location must be selected in which the device is protected from the
following conditions:
Front attachment of the device
Refer to the following illustration to attach the front of the device, using four screws and
washers. Because of painted surfaces the connection of the grounding screw at the rear panel
of the device is recommended.
Figure 5.1: Installation of the device into a 19" rack
The use of rack mount rails is recommended when installing the device in a rack shelf or rack
cabinet to prevent the front panel from twisting or warping. If devices should be stacked in
the rack (e.g. using the self-adhesive foot stands supplied) the maximum permissible load of
the mount rails must be considered. Please refer to the technical specifications provided by
the rack rail manufacturer.
18-Jun-2015 | 04 | F01U306898
Dripping water or spray
Direct sunlight
High ambient temperatures or direct effect of sources of heat
High level of humidity
Heavy dust accumulation
Strong vibrations
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Table of Contents

Table of Contents