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PAVIRO Amplifier
Installation | en
Figure 5.2: Stacking of devices using the supplied foot stands (example with 3 devices, rack mount rails are
used for the bottom device only)
Heat development
The table in chapter Specification can be used to determine the requirements for power
supply and supply lines. The power drawn from the mains is converted into output power to
feed the loudspeaker systems and heat. The difference between power consumption and
power output is called power dissipation (P
). The heat that is generated by losses might
stay in the rack shelf and has to be dissipated by appropriate measures. The table can be used
to calculate the thermal ratio inside of a rack shelf/cabinet or for dimensioning the perhaps
required ventilation measures. The P
column lists the power dissipation for various
operating conditions.
Operation manual
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Table of Contents

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Table of Contents