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Transport And Storage; Storing Electronic Products; Installation - Bosch Rexroth VT-MSPA -2X Series Operating Instructions Manual

Valve amplifier for proportional valves without electrical position feedback


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6 Transport and storage

There are no special instructions for transporting electronic products. You must,
however, observe the notes in Chapter 2 "Safety instructions" and comply with the
ambient conditions for storage and transport which are detailed in the technical data
sheet RE 30232.

6.1 Storing electronic products

Proceed as follows in order to prepare electronics from Bosch Rexroth for storage
and further use:
Whenever possible, use the original packaging for storage.
Observe the permissible storage temperature range specified in the data sheet.
Protect the electronics from dust and humidity.

7 Installation

Risk of short-circuit!
In the case of electronics with housing, water may condense within the housing!
Let the electronics acclimate itself for several hours, as otherwise water may
condense in the housing.
The electronics are provided with cooling slots According to the specified
protection class, dirt and fluids may easily enter and cause malfunction and short-
circuit! Reliable operation is thus no longer ensured.
When working on the electronics, observe strictest cleanliness and make sure
that no fluids will enter the housing.
Major potential differences!
Risk of destruction of electronics by plugging or unplugging connectors under
Switch off power supply to the relevant system part before installing the
products or plugging or unplugging connectors.
Radiated interference!
Risk of malfunction.
The distance to radio sources must be sufficiently large (>> 1 m).
Do not lay solenoid or signal cables near power cables.
Shield command and actual value cables. Connect the shield to system ground
on both ends.
Transport and storage
RE 30232-B/08.2020, Valve amplifier VT-MSPA, Bosch Rexroth AG


Table of Contents

Table of Contents